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Alt-right group protesting at the state capitol, students warned day of

Emma Innes

News Editor

Director of Campus Safety Ross Stout sent out an email to the Willamette community at 1:06 p.m. on Sep. 5 warning of an afternoon protest involving members of the Proud Boys at the capitol. The email did not specify a time, but Collegian reporters spotted a group carrying Proud Boy and American flags headed to the capitol around 1:20 p.m.

The Proud Boys are an alt-right group [designated as a hate group] by the Southern Poverty Law Center, with a [history of engaging in political violence]. The Proud Boys [have protested at the capitol before], [including one where Willamette students were assaulted]. Stout warned the community to stay away from the protest due to the group’s history and concerns of spreading COVID-19. Stout also said that Oregon is an open carry state, but weapons are not allowed on the University campus. Members of the community in need of assistance or with concerns can call Campus Safety at (503) 370-6911 for the Salem Campus and (503) 621-2061 for the Portland Campus.

Photo of Proud Boys carrying flags, walking towards the Oregon State Capitol. Photo credit: Chrissy Ewald, staff writer.

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