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ASWU 23-24 Executive Candidates

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Provided by Eliza Gonzalez, ASWU Vice President

Compiled by Emma Innes, Editor-in-Chief

Bios and photos submitted by the Candidates

Meet the candidates for the Associated Students of Willamette University (ASWU) Executive positions for the 2023-2024 school year!

Voting begins Tuesday, March 21 at 8am and closes Thursday, March 23 at 5pm!

Students should check their emails Tuesday morning for voting information.

Update: Sarah Henry and Andrew Caruana have formally withdrawn.

ASWU President

Zeke Druker ('24)

My name is Zeke Druker (they/them) and I’m hoping to be your next ASWU President.

ASWU faces many challenges. More than ever, it needs leadership prepared to transform student faux-government into student advocacy. As President, I will never forget who I’m there to serve: you.

My first priority will be uplifting the student leaders and organizations that make our campus function and thrive. My office will always be open to you. Empowering student leadership is the core mission of ASWU.

In ASWU, I’ve secured funding for the Bistro, implemented anti-racism requirements for clubs, advocated for emergency preparedness, fought for a higher campus minimum wage, added accessibility and equity to our constitutional commitments, and upheld transparency and accountability. I know how to work within the institution to make progress.

Beyond ASWU, I serve on the City of Salem Human Rights Commission, advocating for my own Queer and Jewish communities, as well as the many other communities the commission works with. This intersectional approach, oriented towards listening and advocacy, is at the core of all of my work.

If elected, I will fight for student rights, student labor, and student voices.

You can reach me with any questions or thoughts at <zjdruker>.

ASWU Vice President

ASWU Treasurer

Audrey Plass ('26)

Hello!! My name is Audrey Plass. I use she/her/they/them pronouns.I am in the class of 2026 and I am studying Environmental science here at Willamette. I believe I should be your ASWU Treasurer because not only do I have extensive experience in treasurer positions from High School Clubs to being a founding member of a Non-Profit in my senior year where I currently work as a treasurer. If I were to be elected as your treasurer I would help to be the collaborative voice of the student body. I would help be an advocate to create a more sustainable and equitable campus through the expansion of the greener program. For me in this role I would be able to use my creativity in finding solutions to problems especially when I know that my solutions can help for the greater good of Willamette.

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