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ASWU exec election candidates

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Candidates are listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Candidates for ASWU President

Giovanni Bautista

In the face of a global pandemic, calls for racial justice, wildfires, an ice storm, and other challenges we may have faced individually, members of the Willamette community have been resilient and supportive of one another. I have witnessed firsthand how we, the student body, can promote and create positive change on campus. As a student representative on Academic Council, I have advocated for Willamette students’ interests—taking into account issues of equity and the unique challenges this year has presented—during deliberation on academic policies, programs, and standards, such as extending the credit/no credit deadline. During my time serving as an ASWU Senator, I have been a part of an effort to advance racial justice through my commitment to ASWU’s anti-racism plan. Alongside more than 30 dedicated resident advisors, I have also worked hard to foster a safe and inclusive community for all on-campus student residents. These experiences have taught me the importance of student involvement in the organizations that shape our experience at Willamette. As ASWU President, I will draw on this experience, strive to advocate for all students by seeking input from the different communities on campus, communicate regularly with the student body, and encourage transparency.

Zeke Druker

When I became a Senator, I promised to be a firm advocate, a good listener, and to do everything in my power to improve our community. I've committed myself to fulfilling that promise and ensuring every struggling student has a voice. I wrote an $18,000 ASWU grant for the Bistro, helping students who rely on that income for rent and groceries. During the wildfires and ice storms I led efforts to mobilize a robust student government response: standing up for our needs and making students heard. I've met with dozens of administrators to advocate for students on key issues: class cancellation, admissions equity, emergency preparedness, and more. I'll continue and heighten that bold leadership as President. As a queer person, I understand the struggles for recognition that many campus communities face. I've authored unprecedented ASWU legislation to protect the ability of all students to feel safe and valued in student organizations. As President, I'll call on the administration to match our commitments, and to bring radical advocacy all the way to the Board of Trustees. Together, we'll demand more from the people in power. Vote Zeke Druker for ASWU President—for bold and caring leadership.

Oliver Kushen

My name is Oliver Kushen and I am asking for your vote for ASWU President. After formerly serving the Class of 2023 as a senator, I am looking to now represent the greater student body. My campaign is centered around RESPECT. If elected, I want to ensure that all students are Represented, ASWU works as Efficiently as possible, our campus is a Sustainable leader, relationships with administrators are Personal, someone is in the position with a lot of Experience on campus, and that our admin improves its Communication and Transparency. As the Willamette community begins to return to normal next year, it is crucial that we have an experienced student leader capable of making the change that our campus needs. My number one goal is to ensure everyone’s voices are heard, so if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me @oliverkushen on Instagram or email me at I hope to hear from you! Go Bearcats!

Connor Robson

I am a PPLE student from Corvallis, Oregon. In my free time I enjoy playing soccer, mountain biking, and making steel art with my homemade forge. Beyond my hobbies, I have spent a lot of time working to improve my community around me through activism and engagement with local and state government. In a year defined by protests against racial injustice, ice storms and wildfires, and, of course, a public health crisis, it seems like the students at this university are eager to see change. Despite having a school filled to the brim with young visionaries and activists, little has been done to harness any of this energy. As ASWU President my mission will be simple, to unite student interests into one force to impact change on Willamette campus and beyond. Under my presidency, ASWU will focus on directly engaging with issues of social inequity, university finances, climate change, and gun control at every appropriate level. It is past time for our energy to be focused into effecting tangible action, and this is what I will seek to do.

Candidates for ASWU Vice President

Gus Gunter

Hello, my name Gus Gunter. Over my past two years at Willamette I have become involved in many extra curricular activities and I believe that campus life is a very important part of our community. While serving a a class of 2023 senator and a member of the finance board I came to understand how important it is that ASWU functions smoothly. As VP I hope to help ASWU serve the student body to its fullest potential. I feel that the position of the Vice President should work to keep ASWU attentive and responsive to student needs and able to make meaningful change on campus. I believe that I can effectively serve in the role of ASWU Vice President.

Angel Park

Dear Willamette community, my name is Angel Park, I am currently a second-year Biology major with a minor in Public Health. I have served in ASWU for the past two years as the Clerk and as rewarding as the position has been I believe I can better serve the community in a new capacity. If chosen for the opportunity to be the 2021-2022 Vice President I would like to continue the ASWU restructuring process within ASWU to fit the needs of present and future Willamette students. I’d like to do more outreach with the student body for there to be more transparency in what we do as ASWU to create more interest and to highlight the importance and how it can be a resource for students. Most importantly I want to support the students who will serve as senators and work on campus improvement projects that will directly affect the WU community. Regardless of outcome I hope that the new Vice President will continue to be a resource for students and the rest of the Executive branch to the best of their ability.

Morgan Yamane

Hi all! My name is Morgan Yamane, and I use she/her pronouns. I am a third year, an Exercise and Health Science Major, and I play for the women’s basketball team here at Willamette. Currently, I am serving as an ASWU senator for the class of 2022, and I am running to be ASWU Vice President. I decided to run because I want to continue to be more involved in campus life and be part of changes and improvements we would like to see across campus.

Candidates for ASWU Treasurer

Michael Burke

My name is Michael Burke and I am running for reelection to the position of ASWU Treasurer. I am a second year here at Willamette and have been involved in ASWU since my freshman year, serving as both a Senator and Treasurer in my time here so far. In my time as Treasurer I have learned and picked up on all the tools it takes to keep ASWU finances running smoothly. Serving another term in this position wouldn't just allow me to keep ASWU finances on the right track, but also allow me to streamline the funding process. Without having to relearn the details of the position, I would be able to focus more on opening up the funding process to better fit the new needs of student organizations around campus. With your support I look forward to server another term as your ASWU Treasurer. If you have any questions, please reach out to my email at <msburke>.

Nate Rutter

Hello there, Bearcats! My name is Nate Rutter and I’m running for Treasurer of the Associated Students of Willamette University. I’m really excited to have the opportunity to participate in our student government and help things run smoothly on campus! As Treasurer, I will be responsible for ensuring that funding is being distributed in a fair, equitable and reasonable manner. This includes making sure that money intended for the student body actually benefits the student body! I recognize the significance of spending our money in a strategic and mutually beneficial way and I strive to be as transparent as possible with the decisions we make regarding the distribution of funds. I also realize the importance of keeping accurate and complete records of our spending for the sake of transparency and accountability. With your vote, I can promise you that I will do my utmost best to uphold the duties of my position and my responsibility to you and the student body.

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