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ASWU passes bills to publish Senate agendas, fix minor wording in bylaws

Emma Innes

News Editor

Disclaimer: Two ASWU senators, Inéz Nieves and Clara Nithiaparan, are also writers for The Collegian.

The Associated Students of Willamette University (ASWU) passed two bills, one to increase transparency and accountability in senate business and one to amend minor and miscellaneous wording, during its Nov. 11 meeting. The bills were debated the previous week during the Nov. 4 meeting.

The Bill to Increase Transparency and Accountability in senate business was proposed by Senator Ainsley Moench (‘24) and requires senate meeting agendas to be published at least twenty four hours beforehand. The bill requires that the agenda be submitted to the university calendar and Today@Willamette.

The Bill to Amend Minor and Miscellaneous Wording was introduced by Hannah Purdy (‘24). The bill fixes outdated wording in the ASWU bylaws. One fix is to change “Student Activities” to the new name of “Student Engagement and Leadership.” The other fixes are removing a pair of "|||" and spelling out “two-thirds of the Senate” in a part regarding how to withdraw funds from the endowment.

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