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Celebrating graduating Collegian staff members

Jasper Jones

News editor and former editor-in-chief, lifestyles editor and staff writer

Jasper has worked for the Collegian for three and a half years.

Q: What advice would you give to future Collegian staff members?

A: If you really dedicate yourself to journalism and making work you are proud of, you will learn so much about writing, truth-telling, yourself and the world around you. Embrace the process, challenge yourself to think deeply, always be open to hearing critiques, and make sure to be proud of yourself for your hard work. 

Dawn-Hunter Strobel 

Lifestyles editor

Dawn-Hunter has worked for the Collegian for one semester.

Q: What is the biggest lesson you have learned from your work with the Collegian?

A: People have so much information and so much to say about everything around them, all we have to do is ask! Working as a reporter has taught me how easy it really is to find stories and hear people’s experiences, we just have to know to ask the right questions and how to listen. 

Simone Stewart

Business manager

Simone has worked for the Collegian for one year.

Q: What’s next for you?

A: Next for me is a gap year to recharge and work before I go to graduate school.

James Willis

Sports editor

James has worked for the Collegian for one semester.

Q: What made you want to work for the Collegian?

A: I wanted to work at the Collegian because I saw an opportunity to work with sports, and wanted to interact and work with people outside of my friend group. I also wanted to see what it would be like to write journalistically, which proved to be a fun challenge.

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Emily Morris Kemmerer
Emily Morris Kemmerer
Aug 06, 2020

Congratulations! We will miss you!

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