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Class credit/no credit option deadline extended to Oct. 28

Noah Dantes


The Academic Council has voted to extend the credit/no credit option for full semester courses to Oct. 28, Interim Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Sarah Kirk announced over email Oct. 22. In addition, the maximum number of courses that can be taken with this option has been raised from three to four. Kirk asks those interested in this option to talk to their advisor.

According to the full credit/no credit policy: “The grade of credit (CR) is equivalent to grades of A through C-minus. CR grades will be granted credit toward the degree but will not be computed in the grade point average. The grade of NC (no credit), which is equivalent to grades of D-plus and below, will not be granted credit toward the degree and will not be computed in the grade point average… After the Credit/No Credit forms are filed and for the remainder of the semester, they shall be considered as privileged information. The Registrar may not reveal their existence to the instructor concerned or to anyone else. At the end of the semester, instructors will turn in letter grades in the usual fashion. The Registrar will then change the grade to CR or NC in the appropriate cases.”

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