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Fast Break 9/25

Skeet Starr

Sports Editor

Art by Minna Zhou

Hello Bearcat Fan! The glorious rains have finally come to wash away your foolish sense of sun-shiny naivete. Thank God, because you were getting pretty annoying, Bearcat Fan, what with your smiling and childlike sense of wonderment. No more will the wildflowers sing to you. It’s time to get back to work. Sports work, to be exact. Let’s go to the news!

Men’s Soccer sent the Loggers packing on Saturday 3-1, then put on a 6-0 masterclass against George Fox on Sunday. The Whits weekend now waits on the chopping block.

Triathlon took the fight to Decatur, Illinois, where they took fourth at the Millikin College Cup and brought home the gold at the Millikin Splash and Dash. Riga Grubis (‘27) continues to be a dominant force for the Bearcats.

Women’s Soccer continued their troubles losing 0-2 to UPS, but a late goal from Tessa Fisher (‘27) scraped out a draw for them against the Bruins on Sunday. They will also take on the Whits to close out September.

Unfortunately Tennis slipped right back into its old habits to start the year off losing badly to Jessup. The jury’s out on how they will perform at the ongoing ITA Regional Championships.

Volleyball is now 1-3 in the conference after falling to the Lutes at home, then handing Linfield a three-piece away in McMinnville. They will take on Lewis & Clark and Pacific at home this week.

Golf is currently swinging away at the Bulldog Invitational in Redlands, California.

Cross Country will host the Charles Bowles Invitational in Bush’s Pasture Park this Saturday.

Football will head to McMinnville for their classic match up against the Wildcats on Saturday. The Bearcats have failed to defeat their rival in the last seven meetings, including last year's 0-65 catastrophe. Could this be the year?

Consider in the coming weeks: Is it finally time to “cowboy up?”

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