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  • Skeet Starr, Sports Editor

Fast Break Sports Report April 23

Updated: Apr 25

Graphic by Carolyn Vazquez.

Hello, Bearcat Fan! The ‘Cats suffered a hard week. Although we can never be certain of the forces that dictate sporting results, I did spot a cadre of hooded figures in Linfield colors entering the Lausanne and Doney sub-basement tunnels by moonlight early in the week. Curious times are April ... curious times. Let’s go to the news!

Lacrosse failed to earn their first-ever victory over George Fox after leading 10-8 in the fourth quarter. They masticated Pacific and Linfield, but I probably didn’t have to tell you that (not only because they always beat those teams, but also because that's an unsettling word choice). 

Baseball trounced George Fox but then lost by a similar margin in their second game. It seems anything can still happen as the ‘Cats fight for their second-place spot heading into playoffs.

Early reports say the Men’s Golf team narrowly missed a championship repeat, losing out to The Blues after climbing a rank on the second day. Linfield finally got the better of the Women’s squad, who took last. 

At the NWC Track and Field Championships, Whitley Stepp (‘26) earned her second conference title in the high jump as the women and men snagged eighth and seventh respectively.  

In contrast, Softball took all four wins from the Loggers; they’ve now jumped to fifth in the conference.

In the world of sport: Damian Lillard dropped 35 points in the Bucks’ playoff opener, Stanley Cup playoffs kicked off and Don Carlo Ancelotti carried Madrid on a single eyebrow. 

Consider in the coming weeks: What? There’s an entire sub-basement under Lausanne and Doney? Huh? It’s allegedly full of white hallways and aging technology? And did you say Gabriel’s horn blows now stronger and subtler than the last time? 

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