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  • Skeet Starr, Sports Editor

Fast Break Sports Report Feb. 13

Graphic by Carolyn Vazquez

Happy Valentine's week, Bearcat Fan! In a desperate bid for validation I tried to hand deliver all 20 of my loyal readers love notes, but decided to abandon the project after getting booby-trapped twice, and then being guilted into attending a four-hour community theater interpretive dance performance. Let’s go to the news!

Time stood still this Tuesday when Women’s Basketball’s Elyse Waldal (‘25) launched a three-pointer to defeat the Boxers (50-47) at the death. The ‘Cats kept the party going over the weekend, starching the Loggers (67-57). They will roll into the playoffs as the No. 1 seed.

The Men ate a pair of losses including a thriller against Puget Sound to drop their conference tournament spot. Their record currently ties that of fourth place George Fox, however. Is the Lenahan honeymoon over, or does this scrappy squad have a few tricks left?

Shock, terror, dread; words that likely describe the scenes from the Logger’s bench as Women’s Tennis battered their way to a highly anticipated conference victory (6-3). 

Played, some, tennis; words that unfortunately best describe the better part of The Men’s outing (2-7). Keep at it, lads!

Men’s Swim capped off their year at the NWC Championships in fifth place. The Women took sixth. 

Track and Field ran and threw at the Whitworth invitational, leaving with not much to write home about barring what you’d probably expect. 

In the world of sport: The Chiefs and Team Ruff won “big-time in the football zone,” as they say. Many who were concerned that Taylor Swift would take to the field to endorse Biden after the game were relieved that she did not. Concerned parties received even more good news when they didn't see three license plates containing the number five by noon, which of course pushes the end of the world back to next week. 

Consider in the coming weeks: Do you hear it? Gabriel has run out of breath and now there’s only silence. Eras Tour! Arrowheads! The horror! The horror …

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