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Fast Break Sports Report Oct. 9

Skeet Starr

Sports Editor

Graphic by Carolyn Vazquez

Hello Bearcat Fan! Another week in Bearcat sports had us at The Collegian laughing, crying, cheering, chattering incessantly, vomiting and everything in between. In fact, it’s been a real problem! Anyway, tell all your visiting parents we said “hello,” and let’s go to the news!

After being dusted by Lewis & Clark, and before losing 1-5 at Pacific Lutheran, Women’s Soccer earned their first win of the season against the Boxers at home.

Blitz the Bearcat stepped up their game Friday night as well, employing a wide range of dances, movements and waves to create a pleasant mascoting environment. I’d like to think that Blitz’s turnaround serves as an example of quality sports journalism in action, but in truth I doubt anyone as important as Blitz reads my column.

Defending conference champs Men’s Golf was tied for top of the Whitworth Invitational at the end of day one. Final rounds are yet to be played as of Sunday night.

Volleyball scraped past Puget Sound, then were swept by George Fox. They’ve got the Whits at home this weekend.

Men’s Soccer knocked out the Boxers (2-0), but met a bitter end up north in Tacoma after conceding first and being forced to somewhat abandon their anti-Lute defensive structuring (0-4).

Football. 7-59. Whitworth. If you see interim head coach Tim Rude on campus, please give him a reassuring nod.

In the wide world of sports: The Portland Timbers are hanging on to their playoff spot by the skin of their teeth, and in Deutschland, der FC St. Pauli ist erster der 2. Bundesliga!

Consider in the coming weeks: What is the upper limit of human understanding and what would it feel like to grace the edge of such a chasm?

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