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  • Skeet Starr, Sports Editor

Fast Break Sports Report March 12

Updated: Mar 12

Graphic by Carolyn Vazquez

Hello, Bearcat Fan! The sports section has been jumping at the sight of journalistic shadows that now swirl The Collegian office. Ernie Samora has been hunting ancient relics and weaving a web around the State Capitol. Mary Vickery returned from Sin City and hasn’t stopped brooding over the keyboard ever since. A new writer has made her way onto the scene. Will we get any products out? Stay tuned. ... Let’s go to the news!

Lacrosse has a debilitating, pervasive illness, and it seems like the only cure is driving their opponents deep into the ground. They are mechanical, they are ruthless and they don’t care if you have a family. Their goal differential is +98 over five games. Can they topple the Bruins?

Women’s Tennis went and did it again in Tacoma, defeating the Loggers (5-4). Men’s Tennis was clear-cut (2-7). 

Whitely Stepp (‘26) took 18th in the country for high jump at DIII Nattys. The Bearcats showed out in steeplechase at the Lane Community College Open. Will Hennum (‘24) took home the gold while Zoe Heino (‘26) grabbed silver. Simon Kidder (‘24) flew over the hurdles to take third in the 400-meter. 

Baseball stomped Bethany Lutheran (12-0) in seven innings, but went 1-2 against PLU, their first conference opponent of the year. They have five games this week.

The Pioneers trampled Softball over the course of four meetings. The ‘Cats’ losing margins did decrease each game, however. They plan to defend the homefront against a charging Pomona-Pitzer in the coming days.

Golf is stirring from its winter sleep.

In the world of sport: The Portland Timbers’ Evander silenced those evil, evil people who call themselves the New York City Football Club by way of a stoppage time missile across the 18-yard box. 

Consider in the coming weeks: Who’s home to you?

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