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Four years of transformation: seniors’ time at Willamette, in photos

Sophie Smith Jasper Jones

Editor-in-chief News editor

Much has changed at Willamette since the class of 2020 first gathered on campus. In the last four years, beloved events and traditions like Wulapalooza and Cat Cavern lunches have come to an end, but new groups and resources like the University’s first women’s lacrosse team and the Bearcat Pantry have been created. Scroll through the images below to get a glimpse of Willamette life since the class of 2020’s arrival. 

Many graduating students began their time at Willamette in August 2016’s Opening Days. During check-in for the program, leaders and incoming students dance to the music in Cat Cavern. 

Courtesy of Opening Days on Facebook.

A group of students walk to Matriculation, an event that marked their official acceptance into the Class of 2020. 

Courtesy of Willamette.

Willamette students gather on Brown Field for Wulapalooza, or Willamette’s annual earth, art and music festival affectionately known as “Wula.” The last Wulapalooza took place in 2018, before being replaced with a smaller festival called Futurepalooza. Earlier this year, Willamette Events Board had been planning an event similar to Wulapalooza, named StarJam.

Image courtesy of Wulapalooza on Facebook.

Willamette’s first women’s lacrosse team gathers at the beginning of its first season in spring 2019. The team’s goalkeeper, Kara Phillips (‘19) told the Collegian last year, “We get a unique opportunity to create our own culture that will last for years to come.”

Collegian archives.

The Bearcat Pantry, part of the SOAR Center, opened in March 2018. Originally located in Shepard House and now in the UC, the student-run pantry provides food staples to Willamette students.

Image courtesy of Willamette.

Cat Cavern used to be a supplementary dining hall during lunch hours. The beloved dining services ended in the 2017 fall semester. 

Courtesy of Bon Appétit Willamette on Facebook.

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