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Letter from the editor: In response to COVID-19, the Collegian goes digital, seeks community input

Hi all,

Like many groups, both on and off campus, the Collegian is taking measures to protect the safety and security of our staffers during this uncertain time. To allow all employees to work remotely, we have decided to forego printed issues and only publish online content for the remainder of the semester. The Collegian will be publishing content as frequently as necessary, in order to keep the community up to date on the University’s rapidly transforming news. 

My hope is that this arrangement will allow for all members of the community to easily access our work, as well as for Collegian staff members to continue working and learning with our organization. Finishing the semester without our usual reporting and printing schedules will certainly be a challenge, but I’m looking forward to seeing what the Collegian staff can accomplish under these new circumstances. 

Already we are brainstorming ideas to bolster our online presence and connect with the community in more creative ways. In the meantime, I encourage you to follow our Instagram and Facebook pages, where story publications will be announced regularly.  

These changes not only alter our operations, but also the content of our stories. How can we create articles when there are no sporting events to cover? No theatre productions or lecture series or choir concerts to write about? The conclusion that the editorial staff has come to is that we need the help of the community, for you all to reach out and help us tell your stories. How have recent events impacted the student organization you run? What is your opinion about the University’s handling of the present circumstances? What are your go-to activities while social distancing? If you’d like to give us a tip or story suggestion, or if you’d like to write your own guest piece or letter to the editor, please send it my way at

Finally, I urge you all to make smart decisions as we move forward with this new way of life. Remember that your actions may impact countless others. You’ve heard it before, but I’ll say it again: if you can, stay home. Wash your hands, and save some toilet paper for the next folks in line. If you are able, consider donating to your local food bank or other organizations assisting the people most affected by this crisis. Do what you can to take care of yourselves and the people around you.


Sophie Smith


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