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Letter from the editors: Black Lives Matter.

The Collegian aligns itself with the Black Lives Matter movement and its struggle for justice and the safety and freedom of Black people. We denounce the discriminatory violence that this country’s police force inflicts, as well as the oppressive, white supremacist structures that uphold this violence. 

The Collegian also supports the work of Willamette’s Alum of Color and Black Alum and Students Against Police Brutality & White Supremacy, two groups that are advocating for anti-racist agendas and policies at Willamette University. We recognize that this university was built on a foundation of violence, and continues to fail to protect and uplift its students of color. We assert that Willamette University must do better to actively protect and uplift its Black students, its Indigenous students and its students of color, as well as its trans and LGBTQ+ students of color.

This assertion cannot be made without also an acknowledgment of the Collegian’s own responsibility to help dismantle oppressive systems. As leaders of a newspaper meant to give a platform and voice to all students, we have an obligation to amplify the voices of the university’s students of color. The Collegian is committed to learn, unlearn and grow from past mistakes, and urges the University to do the same. 

Do you have thoughts you want to share? We encourage you to write a letter to the editor or guest opinion piece for the Collegian. Send submissions or questions to 

Black Lives Matter.

In solidarity,

Collegian executive team

Sophie Smith, Editor-in-chief, 2019-2020

Noah Dantes, Editor-in-chief, 2020-2021

Kathleen Forrest, Managing editor, 2020-2021

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