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  • Priya Thoren, Opinions Editor

Staff Picks: What is your favorite aesthetic?

Art by Eli Fukuji

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed are from the individual staff members and do not reflect the perspective of The Collegian as a whole. The submissions are unedited and unaltered from what was submitted by individual staff members.

The Pick: Cryptidcore

Submitted by: Monte Remer, Lifestyles Editor 

The Pick: Core core 

Submitted by: Ernie Samora, Staff Writer

Staff Comment: It really highlights the myriad of juxtaposing ideologies of the dichotomous relationship between the inherently hegemonic capitalistic nature of our world in conjunction with the plethora of diasporas of our expectations growing up.

The Pick: Bigfoot swag core 

Submitted by: Isis Coyle, Media Manager

Staff Comment: If society was more advanced, I would constantly be decked out in Bigfoot drip. Unfortunately, we just live in a time where reppin a brother's merch is cheugy. Life is a jungle and we all just living in it.

The Pick: PNW grandmacore 

Submitted by: Chrissy Ewald, Staff Writer

Staff Comment: When I go home to Seattle and see people on the bus wearing those zipper hiking pants with a Helly Hansen rainjacket from probably 1995, a hiking hat with a chin strap, and musty crusty hiking boots, I feel at home. Extra points if they have hiking poles with them on the bus. I aspire to join them in caring about function only in my sartorial choices.

The Pick: Gross core 

Submitted by: Mary Vickery, Staff Writer 

Staff Comment: I only really trust someone if they look a little gross. They don’t have to actually be gross, but they have to either look like it, or act like they might be. Some dirt under the fingernails, torn up shoes, or  some smudged eyeliner will really bring any look together in my book.

The Pick: Cowboy core

Submitted by: Eleanor Hu, Managing Editor 

Staff Comment: Cowboy boots are the perfect footwear for 99% of situations—they can be worn rain or shine and dressed up or dressed down. I’m also a big fan of obnoxiously audacious belts, (ethically-sourced) suede fringe, and unironic horse graphics. Plus “y’all” is arguably one of the best ways of addressing a large group.

The Pick: Cool bugs

Submitted by: Skeet Starr, Sports Editor 

Staff Comment: Insects maybe 

The Pick: Dark academia

Submitted by: Priya Thoren, Opinions Editor 

Staff Comment: One of my favorite hobbies is scrolling through my Pinterest board containing over 3,000 pins of various dark academia architecture and outfits. It’s the reason why Eaton is my favorite building on campus; it makes me feel like I am in The Secret History or Harry Potter, about to put on my favorite brown sweater and curl up with a warm mug of chai. 

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