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Photojournalism: March for Women's Rights in face of leaked court draft

Photos by Melissa Baskin


Following the May 2 [leak] of a Supreme Court Majority Opinion draft overturning Roe v Wade, a march was held the evening of May 3 in Salem to protest the overturning of abortion rights.

People march in front of the Oregon State Capitol Building holding signs. One sign reads, "It Won't Stop Here."

Marchers pass the corner of Church and Court, in front of the Marion County Courthouse. A sign reads, "Planned Parenthood Doesn't Kill Kids. You're Thinking of the NRA."

The march was led by people carrying a banner reading, "Abortion Saves Lives."

Two people hold signs. One reads, "Land of the Free? Ya Jokin'" and the other reads, "Supreme Bullshit."

A sign reads, "Thou Shalt Not Mess with Women's Rights --fallopian 1:22."

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