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Staff Picks: When Does the Holiday Season Begin?

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Topic: When does the Holiday Season begin? Are you a November 1st person, or does it not even cross your mind until the beginning of December?

Compiled by: Bella Montalvo, Opinions Editor

Disclaimer: The views/opinions expressed are from the individual staff members and do not reflect the perspective of the Collegian Staff, nor the view of the Collegian as a whole. The submissions are unedited/altered from what was submitted by individual staff members.

Graphic by Maizy Goerlitz

The Pick: A week before Thanksgiving-New Years Day

Submitted by: Gus Gunter, Business Manager

Staff Comment: I think that the greater holiday season starts about a week and a half before thanksgiving and lasts until New Years

The Pick: October is for Halloween, festive decor can come out during Daylight savings, but the Holiday season starts in December

Submitted by: Chrissy Ewald, Managing Editor

Staff Comment: October is the month of Halloween and should be observed accordingly. I love when people put up festive lights around daylight savings (because WOW winter in Oregon can be dark), but I think people need to wait until December for Christmas things out of respect for Thanksgiving.

The Pick: November 1st

Submitted by: Maille Olgyay, Artist

Staff Comment: I think Christmas time starts after Halloween. October is for Halloween but November and December are for Christmas. ( personally I don’t like Thanksgiving because of the history)

The Pick: November 1st

Submitted by: Monte Remer, Staff Writer

Staff Comment: I mean ideally Halloween would just never end, but the second that it does, Christmas songs should be blaring.

The Pick: November 1st

Submitted by: Eleanor Hu, Lifestyles Editor

Staff Comment: I am huge on Christmas music and I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, so as soon as October 31st ends I’m celebrating the holidays. Actual holiday activities might not happen until a little later, but November 1st is Mariah Carey time.

The Pick: The end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Submitted by: Emma Innes, Editor In Chief

Staff Comment: October should be Halloween only. I don't mind stores setting out Christmas stuff in November and festive lights should be kept up from November to at least February because pretty and Oregon dark. The Holiday season begins when Santa arrives at the end of Macy's Thanksgiving day parade. However, I will be drinking as many peppermint mochas as I can from November onward.

The Pick: When Thanksgiving dinner is over

Submitted by: Priya Thoren, Staff Writer

Staff Comment: For me, November is still very much pumpkin-spice everything. But I will say that as soon as Thanksgiving dinner is over (literally the same night), I’m pulling out the Christmas tree and switching to my holiday playlist.

The Pick: After Thanksgiving

Submitted by: Josie Elicker, Media Content Manager

Staff Comment: Christmas starts after thanksgiving. Let me have time to leave the pumpkins up and do cute fall things!!

The Pick: Beginning of December

Submitted by: Amaya Latuszek, News Editor

Staff Comment: Being in choir and previously working in retail, Christmas music begins the first of November and there’s no escape. I usually save the decorating for when December starts and usually leave it up for a while after the new year.

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