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Student art installations adorn the Art Building

Photos by Minna Zhou

"'Print Carnival' was a special topics class within the Art Department focused on ways to create spectacle and collaboration with printmaking techniques. For one exercise (small project) we created Xerox printstallations, as shown [below]. Printstallation is a hybrid term that combines Printmaking (a kind of graphic artmaking that uses a matrix to create multiples of an image) and Installation Art (artwork that transforms the viewer's perception of space). These Xerox printstallations were made with simple materials--sharpie drawings and 20 photocopies. The results are multiplicitous! These were a warm-up exercise for the Final Project in the class, which you may have seen at the End of the Semester Pop-Up Art Show."

Cayla Skillin-Brauchle

Department Co-chair, Associate Professor of Art

Darby Hammond

Avery Burstein

Cate Leach

Emily Lipp

Exene Vandenberg

Joey Haigerty

Madison Munro

Jon Bury

Min Wei

Minna Zhou

Parker Jones

Perrin Crespi-Funderburk

Rebecca May

Siena Nellis

Ting Goodfriend

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