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Tips and tricks to survive Zoom University and the quiet period

Melissa Baskin

Staff Writer

Photo by Melissa Baskin

With our lives once again being dominated by COVID-19 due to the Omicron variant, students are back to getting used to quiet periods and classes being on Zoom for a few weeks. This re-adjustment may stress some out-especially those who were not on-campus last year-but hopefully this list of tips and tricks will make this time period feel a little better.

Try something new

Being stuck in the land of Zoom can become repetitive and mundane, so get out and try something new in order to break up your day. Go to a new shop, cook a new meal, watch a movie that is not typically your genre or something else. Trying something new doesn't have to be a massive or extravagant endeavor, just, to reiterate, something that you normally wouldn't do.

Get outside

Being cooped up in the same room all day is no fun, so step outside. Take a walk downtown, or to Bush Park. Look at the ducks, take a stroll through the Botans, or find other nature spots on campus. Make sure to check the weather forecast and take advantage of the sun when you can.

Take indoor breaks from electronics

As most of us know by now, Zoom is not particularly stimulating and can become a strain on your body. For example, excessive electronic use can lead to headaches, sore eyes, and/or tightness in the knees and wrists. Take a couple of moments away from the screen and reinvigorate yourself indoors, even if it’s through simple activities like taking a nap or reading a book.

Drink lots of water

It can be hard to keep hydrated during these times, as we are in the same place all day and might not be as active as we used to, so don't forget to drink water. If this is something that you struggle with, try spicing up your water with fresh, frozen, or freeze-dried fruits. Hydration is super important and helps you focus for Zoom lectures.

Other forms of self-care

Whether one accomplishes this by making a cup of tea, spending 10 extra minutes in the shower, buying something that one has been looking at for awhile, or dressing up fancy, do something for yourself every once and awhile.

Spend time with friends

Social isolation is not that fun, especially since humans are considered one of the most social species out there, so plan a potluck or a movie night with your friends. This can also be done over the internet-one could cook their food at home and Zoom the dinner discussion, and use GroupWatch over Disney+ or similar functions on different streaming services. Jackbox is also recommended as a fun online group activity. If you do decide to meet in-person, however, please be diligent in following the University’s social distancing guidelines and mask mandates.

Take friends with you to Goudy

Along the same lines, this socialization tip has two benefits. The first one is that there will be extra hands to carry food boxes back to the dorms. The second benefit is that the walk to Goudy can increase time that is spent with friends in a safe, limited way, leading to more fun and more laughs overall.

Break up where you study

The best way to increase your studying ability during this time is to switch up where you are studying. The simplest way to do this is to reorganize your desk or any other area in your room that is in need of help. Another option is to move spaces entirely. For instance, move to a quiet section of your common room, set up in a coffee shop, or check out one of the open rooms in Kaneko. The library also has study rooms available, and the Fishbowl is always there for you.

Dress for School

While wearing sweatpants and other comfy clothes all day is peak comfort and one of the few benefits of Zoom university, wearing non-sleepwear clothing can increase productivity by switching your brain from sleep time to work and school time.

Please make sure that you take care of yourself, and be sure to reach out for help when you need it. Bishop Wellness Center, WU Chaplains, and campus counselors are always there to support you.

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