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Vaccines required next year for students and staff

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Chrissy Ewald

Staff writer

Willamette faculty, staff and students must provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccinations to work or attend class on campus in Fall 2021, according to the [COVID-19 Vaccination Policy] released by the Reopening Committee (ROC) on Apr. 21. Students and employees may request medical and non-medical exemptions, in line with Oregon State law. Full vaccination means the number of relevant doses must be completed at least two weeks prior to a person’s arrival on campus.

All students and employees who will be present on campus during the 2021-22 school year, regardless of location of residency or full-time or part-time status, must show proof of vaccination. Students and employees must be vaccinated even if they have contracted COVID-19 in the past and recovered. Only students or employees whose attendance is fully digital or does not require their physical presence on campus will qualify for exemption based on lack of presence.

All vaccines approved for use in the United States will be accepted, and the university will work with students, including international students, who have received vaccines approved in other countries.

All medical or non-medical exemptions will be evaluated by the university on a case-by-case basis. Medical exemptions require supporting documentation from a healthcare provider. Non-medical exemptions, which may include religious exemptions, require “sufficient information to support the request.”

Employees should record time spent receiving the vaccine during work hours as work time and notify supervisors.

All members of the Willamette community are eligible to schedule a vaccination appointment. Oregonians who have not yet been vaccinated or scheduled an appointment can do so at [Get Vaccinated Oregon]. People living in other states can use their state’s online or phone vaccination tool to schedule an appointment when they become eligible.

Students will receive more updates on how to provide proof of vaccination and how to request exemptions in the coming days.

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