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Willamette Events Board continues to offer entertainment for students

Jasper Jones

News editor

The Willamette Events Board, a student-run organization that plans numerous events and activities throughout the year, is still dedicated to providing entertainment even though many students have left campus. Recently, WEB has distributed paint-by-number activities and Harry Potter themed stuffed animals and activity kits to students living in Salem. 

“Our goal is to keep students engaged and motivated by providing different activities to express themselves,” said WEB President Cynthia Ramirez (‘20).

Ramirez also reported that most student employees have returned home or are living off campus, but a few are still on campus. Those students can help by distributing items around campus and by tabling at Goudy. WEB also plans to offer essential oil roller balls in five different scents as well as lavender sprays. They will also begin providing blue light glasses to students. 

“We also thought it was important to provide blue light glasses for students because staring at a screen can be really tiring on the eyes. We have about six different designs that are super cool and trendy,” said Ramirez. 

A paint-by-number provided by WEB. Courtesy of Jessie Evans.

Ramirez also said that they are working on community events, like Kahoot and Jackbox games. 

All of these ideas were brainstormed and organized during their weekly Zoom meetings. 

Here, they have also continued the discussion of planning for StarJam, an event that was supposed to happen for the first time this spring, but is now moved to September, along with planning other events that will take place in the fall. 

Ramirez wants the student body to know that students who live on campus are welcome to pick up the items they are offering, and if anyone has suggestions on how to make these items accessible, to let her know.

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