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Meet the staff


Bella Montalvo


Bella (she/her) is a third-year Politics, Policy, Law and Ethics (PPLE) major from McMinnville, OR. She is currently interested in Public Policy with a focus on environmental policy. Broader interests include writing, reading, and art history! Bella likes reading romance novels, dog walking, and hugging her cat Elvis. Bella is not the biggest fan of rollercoasters, fireworks and doing laundry. Bella doesn't have many hobbies but will passionately discuss the Hunger Games Trilogy (books and movies) at any time of the day! Outside of the Collegian, Bella works at a winery in Amity, OR and walks/sits any dog she can!


Isis (They/She)

Isis is a sophomore who has invaded the streets of Salem Oregon ever since they were young. They are majoring in Public Health, Ethics, and Advocacy with a pre-med track. Their hobbies include making terrible art, listening to terrible music, and watching terrible horror movies. She is often found scurrying for food scraps in the back seat of her car or yelling at kids on Fortnite, but their favorite place to be is in their bed (probably going mimis). She prides herself on consistently drinking whole milk and has been proudly NOT lactose intolerant for her entire life. She CAN and WILL taste the difference if you try to slip her the weak milk. They change their hair color almost as much as the weather-- it keeps her enemies on their toes.


Brice Hoerauf

Business Manager

I am so excited to be serving as Business Manager of The Collegian and to be able to connect with all of these wonderful people. I love to connect with nature as much as I can hiking through this beautiful state with friends any chance I get. In my free time, I love to read about ancient cultures with a passion for music and art that is community-oriented. I hope to make The Collegian a place where the greater Willamette Community can come together and celebrate the good in everyday campus life. Go Bearcats!

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Monte Remer

Lifestyles Editor

Monte Remer is a second-year Sociology and English double major. Some of his interests are rural America, ethnopharmacology, politics, the paranormal, and generally spooky business. He writes and publishes short stories in campy horror and sci-fi magazines. Somewhere in the mountains, you can hear him typing on old keyboards as the pale dust rises out of them like smoke from a fresh fire.


Priya Thoren

Opinions Editor

My name is Priya Thoren and I am The Collegian’s Opinions Editor. I am a second-year student here at Willamette, and am a Psychology major and Business minor from the Bay Area, California. I am an avid writer, whether it be journalism or works of fiction. I’m also passionate about reading and creating art, particularly through sketching!


Bjorn Domst

Bjorn is a second-year Biology major from Silverton, OR, desperately trying to fit an English double major into his already busy schedule. Though there is rarely a moment wasted in his life, his interests in fantasy books and videogames means that you might find him delving deep into a Brandon Sanderson epic or immersing himself in the world of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind in his free time. Bjorn also enjoys running and playing soccer, and you might find him passionately invested in a Portland Timbers or Tottenham Hotspur game when they are on. Though he can hardly afford the lost time on Sundays, he is also a Buffalo Bills fan, and his usually even-keeled demeanor will swing wildly with Josh Allen’s incredible highs and lows. Bjorn has tried his hand at several creative endeavors, from fiction writing to video game designing, although his tendency to lose steam for large projects has prevented him (so far) from becoming famous.


Eleanor Hu (She/Her)

Managing Editor

Eleanor is the Collegian’s Managing Editor and a third-year Spanish, English and Civic Communications and Media triple major. She is from the Bay Area in California and plans to pursue a career in communications or language. Some of Eleanor’s favorites include rock climbing, wearing too much jewelry, and trying new vegan food. She’s also a second-degree black belt in Taekwondo and a collector of piercings and teddy bears. She loves traveling to new countries and the Washington Post Crossword; she hates slow walkers and people who kill spiders. Eleanor believes that journalism is a powerful way of connecting with and understanding others and is proud to be a part of WU’s independent student newspaper. Around campus you can find her “studying” (talking) by the Millstream, Ford, and in the library as well as working in the Writing Center.


Skeet Starr

Hailing from the misty depths of Portland, OR, Skeet Starr views sports as art forms in their own right, and useful snapshots of the human experience.A sophomore intended PPLE major and second year section editor, Skeet can be found slinking around town suspiciously when not holed up in Hatfield library. You may be familiar with Skeet’s work as a soccer commentator for the Bearcat Network.He loves the Portland Timbers, Thrasher Magazine, and haikus. He strongly dislikes the creeping sense of dread which results from considering the existence of free will. Send him sports story tips and win a free email response!

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Josie Elicker



Anushka Srivastav

Anushka is a senior Psychology major with a minor in French. Originally from Pune, India, she is currently an active member of the Golf team at Willamette University. Aside from that, her interests include volleyball and photography. Anushka enjoys playing sports, buying sneakers, and connecting with her friends and family back home. Although she’s scared of horror movies, she’ll still watch them and struggle to sleep after. Beyond working at the Collegian, she works at the DLS and for the French Department.


Emma Innes

Emma is a Politics, Policy, Law and Ethics (PPLE) Major and History Minor from Beaverton, OR in her senior year at Willamette. This is Emma’s fourth year at The Collegian, having worked in a number of positions including Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor, a previous run as News Editor, and Staff Writer. Aside from The Collegian, Emma is also the Co-President of Nerf Club. When not doing Collegian work or homework, Emma enjoys playing Stardew Valley, Immortals Fenyx Rising,  and Animal Crossing. Her favorite movie is Barbie, her favorite color is teal, and her favorite animal is otters. Additionally, Emma enjoys Taylor Swift’s music, The West Wing, mac & cheese, and playing Cards Against Humanity with her friends. Her family has a cat named Castiel “Cas” and a dog named Orion. Emma also considers her boyfriend’s two cats Auxiliary Turbine Generator “Aux” and Xul as her own. Emma is looking forward to one last year at The Collegian and a return to her News roots. She hopes to leave Willamette’s independent student newspaper stronger than when she first joined as a first-year News writer. 

Natalie Pate_headshot_21.jpg

Natalie Pate

Journalistic Consultant

Natalie Pate is the Collegian's journalistic consultant. She works as the K-12 education reporter for Oregon Public Broadcasting. She's also a published author and the host and producer of the 2023 "On the Outside" youth with incarcerated parents podcast. Natalie is a Bearcat herself, having graduated from Willamette in 2015. She studied politics and French at WU before covering education for the Statesman Journal for more than seven years. Even if it was only about $10 an article, The Collegian was the first news outlet to pay Natalie for her work. Natalie now serves as a mentor for Investigative Reporters and Editors and is a member of the Education Writers Association. She loves spending her free time with her husband and their dog, Bandit. You can find her hiking, traveling, guzzling coffee, dancing and singing, or with her nose in a good book. 

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