Meet the staff

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Kathleen Forrest


Kathleen is a senior history major at Willamette, originally from Portland, OR. Her primary focus is in the history of intellectual thought and the history of genocide. She also has a broader interest in rhetoric and journalism, and a firm belief in the importance of independent, accurate journalism. 

In addition to working at the Collegian, she is the treasurer and communications director for the Non-Traditional Student Union. Undoubtedly the biggest point of pride, she is the human behind the willametteduckwatch Instagram account. She enjoys hiking, birdwatching, bouldering, and knitting. 


Emma Innes

Managing editor

Emma is a Sophomore at Willamette, undeclared but planning to be a Politics, Policy, Law and Ethics (PPLE) major. She’s lived in Beaverton, OR nearly her entire life and has two pets back at home, cat Cas and dog Orion. This is her second year at the Collegian after a year as a staff writer.

In addition to the Collegian, Emma is a club officer for Nerf Club with a strong fondness for her Artemis, gifted to her by a graduating officer last year. She attended every ASWU senate meeting during the Spring 21 Semester as a staff writer. Her go to drinks are an iced mocha (regular or white) or vanilla steamer, she loves the show Leverage and she believes water in cereal is horrendous.


David Flanagan

David is a senior psychology/English major hailing from near Chicago, Illinois. He's fascinated with ways languages preserve political power and help ingrain ideology. He also has a broader interest in literature, mythology, folklore and the occult. 


Likes: Earl Grey tea, Noam Chomsky, wooden furniture, candles. Dislikes: When it's too hot to wear layers. When he's not editing, David can be found studying at the Bistro, going on runs, and working with The Mill magazine. David can be summoned with a quick incantation involving coffee beans, polyhedral dice and composition notebooks.

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Matt Ihling

 Business Manager

Matt: he/him Business Manager

Born in Boise, Idaho, Matt is now a senior economics major at Willamette with minors in mathematics and business. His studies have concentrated on behavioral economics, particularly as it intersects with employment and market inefficiencies.
He is often spotted waist deep in proofs or essays at the Ford drawing boards. In his free time, Matt is a habitual writer usually off prepping DnD sessions, inking out short stories, or running around the Salem trails. He also has an unhealthy affinity for anything sweet.



Andréa Griffin

Media Content Manager

Andrea is a third year Civic Communication and Media Major at Willamette from Eugene, OR. She enjoys creating designs for the Collegian and has dabbled in journalism throughout high school.

Andrea likes riding horses, rock climbing, painting, trail running, listening to the Destroy Boys, jumping into cold bodies of water and practicing anti-capitalism through community building. 

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Chrissy Ewald

Chrissy is a sophomore Religious Studies major from Seattle, Washington. She is currently interested in early Christian apocryphal literature, material culture, and Christian memes from Facebook. She loves NPR and believes that local independent journalism is the bedrock of a free and democratic society. 

Her favorite TV show is Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, her favorite book series is Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere, and she has strong opinions about antique furniture flips on Instagram. She is neutral about her roommate’s snail, Gary. She is a big fan of Dr Pepper® brand soda, hot or cold. 


Lauren Meekins

 Assistant Media Content Manager

Lauren is a second year transfer student and a Civic Communication and Media Major from Jacksonville, OR. She has spent her first semesters here designing for the Collegian and has loved every minute of it.


She enjoys watching anything Marvel related, ordering too many iced peppermint mochas, and spending time with her dog, Ricky. Outside of the Collegian, Lauren is a DVA Costume Room Assistant, and a member of AXO. When she’s not studying in the library, you can find her in Sparks with Willamette’s Volleyball Club, or searching for new craft projects downtown. She is theoretically an outdoorsy person, but dislikes include: her roommate’s pet snail, snakes, and pretty much any insect. One of her goals this semester is to go on an Outdoor Program trip.