Meet the staff


Emma Innes


Emma is in her third year at both Willamette and The Collegian. A Politics, Policy, Law and Ethics (PPLE) major from Beaverton, OR, she’s dedicated to improving the world however she can and keeping journalism alive at Willamette. 


Additionally on campus, Emma is the President of Nerf Club and the Events Chair for Willamette College Democrats. She can be found on campus herding her friends, grabbing a mocha from the Bistro or hiding away in The Collegian office. Her favorite color is teal and her least favorite color is burnt orange. She likes anything with cheese in it and loves a good breakfast sandwich. Her favorite animals are lions, otters and cats. She loves to spoil her cat and her boyfriend’s cats. She also very much loves dogs and has one back at home. Despite being born in January, she was dunked in the millstream for her 20th birthday.


Eleanor Hu

Lifestyles Editor

Eleanor is a second year English and Civic Communications and Media double major and a Spanish minor. She is from the Bay Area in California, loves to read and write, and plans to pursue a career in journalism.


Some of Eleanor’s favorites include rock climbing, wearing too much jewelry, and trying new vegan food. She’s also a second degree black belt in Taekwondo and a collector of piercings, vintage clothing, and teddy bears. She loves eyeliner, photo booths, and the color green; she hates slow walkers; and she’s a proud supporter of “don’t squish, take the spider outside.”


On campus you can find her “studying” (talking) in the Bistro, updating her G-cal on the second floor of the library, or dying on the Stairmaster in Sparks. 


Bella Montalvo

Opinions Editor

Bella is a sophomore Politics, Policy, Law and Ethics (PPLE) major from Mcminnville, OR. She is currently interested in American Politics with a focus on voting demographics. Broader interests include writing, literature, and art history!


Bella likes reading romance novels, taking personality quizzes, and hugging her cat Elvis. Bella is not the biggest fan of rollercoasters, fireworks and doing laundry. Bella doesn't have many hobbies but will passionately discuss the Hunger Games Trilogy (books and movies) at any time of the day! Outside of the Collegian, Bella is a Barista at a specialty coffee shop in Mcminnville and walks/sits any dog she can!


Elliot Alongi

Business Manager

Elliott  is a current second year Theatre and Women’s & Gender Studies double major. They love any excuse to nerd out about knitting, superheros, cross stitch, theatre, Shakespeare, or pasta. She is a Theatre Scholarship Student and Theatre Major with a concentration in Stagemanagment (AKA being subtly stressed out and knowing everything about everything).


In addition to working for The Collegian and for the Theatre, he also works in the Office of Admission, The GRAC, and The Bistro.


An expert in all things Google Forms, Elliott can often be found battling it out with a spreadsheet or google calendar or sending rapid fire emails in The Bistro while drinking their habitual 12 ounce quad-shot dirty chai.


Christiana Ewald

Managing Editor

Chrissy is a junior Religious Studies major from Seattle, Washington. She enjoys early Christian apocryphal literature, material culture, and Christian memes from Facebook. She loves NPR and believes that local, independent journalism is the bedrock of a free and democratic society. She has worked at the Collegian as a news writer and the news section editor, along with running an occasional series taking pictures of stickers and other ephemeral art downtown.

Her favorite TV show is Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, her favorite book series is Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere, and she has strong opinions about antique furniture flips on Instagram. In her free time, she likes to sail, hike, kayak, and say hello to seals. She also likes to knit socks, embroider patches for her jeans, and recreate historical cross-stitch patterns.


Amaya Latuszek

Amaya is a fourth year transfer student from San Diego, CA. She's an English Creative Writing major and can be found wandering throughout the botanical gardens searching for her beloved nutria. Amaya also works in the Admission Office as the Assistant Student Director of Events so she may also be found walking backwards throughout campus and hanging out with Caesar the Llama on Bearcat Day. She loves a good DIY project and is an arts and crafts enthusiast.

Her favorite hobbies include crocheting, drinking hot black coffee, color-coding her Google calendar, playing animal crossing and hanging out with her cat, Bolin. Her current behemoth of a crochet project is making a temperature blanket signifying the temperature of each day for her first year living in Oregon. The color palette of that blanket is oranges and blues. She is an amateur plant mom, lover of stuffed crust pizza and a proud One Direction fan. Other favorite artists of hers include Lizzy McAlpine and The Midnight.


Jett Starr

Jett is a third year Civic Communications and Media Major, from Portland, Oregon. This is Jett's second year on the Collegian staff, his first year was as a contributing writer. He is excited about being sports editor because of sports impact on culture. He believes that honest ethical journalism covering microcosms of our society such as sports is important. 


Jett has three siblings: Grace, Wyatt, and Skeet. He loves playing, watching, and studying soccer, and plays as a forward for Willamette’s men's soccer team. Jett also loves listening to music. Recently he has been enjoying Ween.

Screenshot 2022-09-11 163509.jpg

Josie Elicker

Media Content Manager

Josie is a third year PPLE major from Long Beach California. She has previously been an artist for the collegian responsible for sketching aswu meetings. She can be found in the corner of the bistro trying and failing to focus on her readings, or at Bentley’s coffee spending all of her life savings. She loves cooking for her best friends, or really anyone who asks, and has strong opinions on the various uses of fresh mozzarella.


She continually gets hurt as an avid fan of Los Angeles Angels baseball, however this is a hill she is willing to die on. Her favorite shows are The West Wing, Star Trek The Original Series, A league of their own, and Glee (she swears this last one is ironic). Her hobbies include painting, drawing, fencing, rearranging her room in the middle of the night, and cutting and dying her hair upon the slightest impulse. Josie will talk your ear off about any of her assorted current interests, and that is a threat. She has not closed a tab on her laptop since 2017.