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  • Skeet Starr, Sports Editor

Fast Break Sports Report April 2

Art by Carolyn Vazquez

Welcome back, Bearcat Fan! While you were galavanting across Europe or pulling teeth at home with your well-meaning but abrasive families, spring athletes were hard at work, often to no particular end. Let’s get back to work ourselves and head to the news!

Men’s Golf struck gold at the George Fox Invitational. They surpassed Linfield in the team standings by a mere three points.

Women’s Golf languished at the UCSC Invitational. Roberta Moore (‘26) led the ‘Cats but still failed to make par. 

Baseball ceded conference supremacy to those evil sadists and future IRS officers from Walla Walla. They pulled one win of a possible three from the Pirates, then defeated Linfield twice, but fell in their final (11-inning) matchup.

Track and Field is preparing for the conference championships. Whitley Stepp (‘26) and newcomer Steeley Mucken (‘27) chomped at the bit as the ‘Cats charged through spring break. 

Lacrosse picked up three more wins. They are tied for second in the conference. George Fox still lurks in the farmlands, a black mark on the horizon.

Tennis put in a shift, battling it out against four schools each over the break. Both squads failed to find a team victory, however. May our racket-wielding peers gaze upon the oaks that border their court and be reminded that they sprouted from humble acorns.

Softball went 2-2 against Whitworth, who stand alone below them on the table.

In the world of sport: No. 11 seed North Carolina State danced its way to the March Madness Final Four, and by the release of this Fast Break, LSU and Iowa’s women’s squads will have carried out a championship rematch in the Elite Eight.

Consider in the coming weeks: Are you feeling like Travis Bickle in that one scene from “Taxi Driver” where he’s working out and monologuing ominously? Good. Finals are a month away. No more destroyers of your body. Total organization. Every muscle tight.

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1 Comment

Apr 02

very enjoyable story. I like the short but sweet scores, very well covered in all fields.

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