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Horoscopes for the week of Sept. 18-25

Billy Ullmann

Lifestyles editor

Aries: The sun enters your sister sign, Libra, on Sunday, Sept. 22, which will likely put partnerships in your focus. This is a good time to figure out how people influence your wants and desires. The moon enters fellow fire sign, Leo, on Sept. 24, putting you in a headspace to look at your self image and the way others see you. 

Taurus: The moon is in your sign until Sept. 19, motivating you to spend time relaxing and taking care of yourself. The sun moves into fellow Venus-ruled sign, Libra, on Sept. 22. Your romantic and sensual side will likely feel engaged due to this change. Do not forget that your actions can have consequences, especially as the moon moves into sensitive Cancer on Sept. 22.

Gemini: The moon moves into Gemini on Sept. 19, and remains there until Sept. 22, giving you ample time to think and socialize. With Virgo season finally coming to a close on Sept. 22, you can catch your breath in the thoughtful air of Libra season. This is a good time to focus some of your energy on your relationships.

Cancer: Libra season begins on Sunday, Sept. 22. Give in to your caring and nurturing nature but do not feel afraid to speak out and communicate your needs during this next month. The moon moves into your sign on Sept. 22, which will likely put your feelings at the forefront of your attention. Trust your intuition.

Leo: The sun moves into Venus-ruled Libra on Sept. 22. This is a good time to think about how you can make others feel the way you love to feel. While focusing on others, don’t forget to listen to others’ praise of you. The moon enters your sign on Sept. 24, energizing you to go out and be seen. 

Virgo: The moon remains in Taurus before moving to playful Gemini on Sept. 19. Recharge for a bit before giving into any restless creative energy. Virgo season comes to an end and Libra season begins on Sept. 22 as the moon enters Cancer. Take some time to relax and address your needs. 

Libra: The sun enters your sign on Sept. 22. You will probably feel very in your element, with Mercury and Venus also in your sign, so do what you are best at with ease. Take some time while the moon is in Taurus (until Sept. 19) to relax before an energizing Gemini moon. The moon moves into sensitive Cancer on Sept. 22, so be sure you don’t take anything too deeply.

Scorpio: The moon remains in your sister sign Taurus until Sept. 19, so feel free to put your comfort first. The moon is in Gemini until Sept. 22, so feel free to let go and go a little wild. Libra season begins on Sept. 22. Don’t get too attached to any situation, as Libra is an air sign and is apt to change quickly. 

Sagittarius: The moon is in your sister sign, Gemini, from Sept. 19 to 22. Feel encouraged to talk through any ideas and to make connections during this time. Libra season begins on Sept. 22, putting partnership and balance at the forefront of your mind. Check in with yourself and those close to you to make sure everyone is pulling equal weight.

Capricorn: The sun moves in Libra on Sept. 22. This a good time to deal with some thoughts and doubts you may have been pushing aside, especially regarding your relationships. The moon is in your sister sign Cancer from Sept. 22 to 24, allowing you to work through some of the emotions that may be lying dormant.

Aquarius: The moon is in fellow air sign, Gemini, from Sept. 19-22. Have fun and make connections during this time; you never know what you can learn from others. The sun enters Libra on Sept. 22. This is a good time to check in with others and make certain that you aren’t taking or giving more than you need.

Pisces: The sun moves out of your sister sign, Virgo, and into Venus-ruled Libra on Sept. 22. Do not get lost in the change of the season, instead use this time to reevaluate where your energies are being placed. The moon moves into Cancer on Sept. 22, which may inspire you to look inward and guard your emotions a bit more.

DISCLAIMER: These predictions are not to be taken seriously. I am not a professional astrologer and any guesses made are simply that: guesses. Do not actually use as advice or guidance. 

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