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  • Skeet Starr, Sports Editor

Fast Break Sports Report April 8

Art by Carolyn Vazquez

Hello, Bearcat Fan! Men’s Soccer has hired a new coach, SCAN is preparing for war with the Athletics Department and sports writers are racing to cover it all as we speak. For my part, a raven knocked on my window seeking respite from the spring rains, so I’ve been trying to teach it to read and regurgitate Willamette sports scores for me. Unfortunately, all he’s done so far is complain about Poe’s reductivity. Let’s caw to the news! 

The Basecats demolished Pacific in back-to-back games but were knocked out in a similar fashion in game three. Regardless, they are back on top of the conference.

Tenley Grant (‘25) knocked on the door of Willamette’s hammer throw record at the Jenn Boyman Invitational track meet, throwing down 158’ 8’’ in the last attempt of the day. Will Hennum (‘25) won the steeplechase, Zoe Heino (‘26) won the 3000-meter and Lecia Sincere (‘25) won the triple jump. The ‘Cats are gearing up for the conference meet.

Men’s Golf was sitting in second place as night fell on day one of the NWC Classic. They should be wrapped up by the time this Fast Break hits the site. The Women finished day one at seventh.

Lacrosse thrashed Whitman (19-3), then scraped out a win over Whitworth (14-11). Could they finally achieve conference supremacy?

Both the Tennis teams had a bad case of the Whitman Blues, failing to find any victory across nine matchups. They fared little better against the Pirates, Pioneers and Boxers. 

Softball brought one win of a possible four back from the Lutes in Tacoma. They remain ahead of only Whitworth in the standings.

In the world of sport: Only No. 1 seeds made the March Madness finals. South Carolina won the women’s division, the men will have a champion by Monday night and here at home, the Willamette Soccer Club hosted the first ever Bearkitty Cup.

Consider in the coming weeks: Why did the scorpion sting the frog, and alternatively, what’s it going to take for tennis to start winning?


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