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  • Ernie Samora, Staff Writer

Fast Break Sports Report Feb. 29

Graphic by Carolyn Vazquez.

The sun is out, the Wi-Fi is questionable and spring sports are now in full swing. Take a break from staring at your screen, ceiling or bowl of Goudy tortellini to peruse the latest in Bearcat sport. 

Willamette hosted the Women’s Basketball Northwest Conference Championship tournament this weekend. The women faced the University of Puget Sound Loggers, losing 50-70. Seniors Carolyn Ho (‘24) and Ava Kitchin (‘24) put up a good fight, scoring 16 and 11 points with five rebounds, respectively. It was a tough loss, but the Bearcats earned a surprise bid to the national tournament! They will face Millikin in Wisconsin this Friday. 

Lacrosse demolished Corban in the season opener. First-year Cedric Shaw scored four goals, leading the women to a final score of 22-3. 

Baseball opened their season with two doubleheaders, hosting Oneonta University from New York. Game 1 Friday ended by mercy rule (13-1). Jeff Hoffman (‘24) impressed with four RBIs, a triple and two home runs, one of which was a grand slam. The second game was back and forth, but Willamette ultimately took the W (13-12). Jackson Garrett (‘24), sports writer for The Collegian, made an impressive stretch to snag an out at first base before ending the game with a walkoff. The men knocked it out of the park again Saturday, ending Game 1 early (10-0) and scraping out Game 2 (8-7).

Softball fared similarly, shutting the door on Warner Pacific 9-3 and 6-5 on Saturday. Kenna Davis (‘25) led the team to victory after striking out ten batters.

Women’s Tennis served, ate and left no crumbs Friday against the College of Idaho. Anika Groener (‘24) won two of her three sets. Sunday, the Bearcats floundered at George Fox (0-9).

Men’s Tennis had a tough weekend, losing Friday at Lewis & Clark (1-8) and Sunday at Pacific (3-6).

Consider in the coming weeks: Failure is not a dead end. Embrace failure on your terms, for it signifies your courage to venture into the unknown. Is the world throwing everything at you? Get back up. Resilience is your greatest strength. Are you listening? Even love for yourself isn’t earned. It's a fundamental kindness you bestow upon yourself. You are doing better than you think; every step forward, no matter how small, is a triumph in itself. The more you use it the more it works! Stay Frosty, Bearcats. Today is a new day. Vamos!

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