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  • Skeet Starr, Sports Editor

Fast Break Sports Report Jan. 30

Graphic by Carolyn Vazquez

Hello, Bearcat fan! The waters of creativity once again threaten to breach the banks of the Fast Break Sports Report. What you are accustomed to today will soon be nothing more than a foggy memory. Let’s go to the news!

Women’s Basketball has hit its full stride, winning all three contests this week, including another nail-biter against defending champs Whitman (67-62). If all goes well, their final matchup against number one Pacific will be the last true test before playoffs. 

Men’s Basketball strolled past the Pios early in the week (77-66), then crashed out at home against the Blues (67-83) before earning their playoff spot back against Whitworth the next day (85-78). 

Men’s and Women’s Swim have failed to live up to their pre-season promise. Despite trampling and upsetting Lewis and Clark early in the week, the Linfield Wildcats stole the show to drop each squad to 1-5 in conference. 

As temperatures made their way above 60 degrees this weekend, the Baseball Team crawled from their winter hiding places and onto Sparks Field. Early reports suggest that none saw their shadows and thus winter should be wrapping up shortly. 

In the world of sport: Chiefs and Niners in the Super Bowl (yawn), Jürgen Klopp is shedding his liver bird feathers, and at 48 years old Elissa Steamer is still finding her way onto the cover of Thrasher Magazine. 

Consider in the coming weeks: Is it too late for Swim to turn their luck around, and alternatively, is anyone else concerned about the sprawling expanse of fluorescent light-filled hallways which sit deep under the Lausanne and Doney basements? 

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