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  • Skeet Starr, Sports Editor

Fast Break Sports Report April 30

Graphic by Carolyn Vazquez.

Hello, Bearcat Fan! Another year, come and gone; all we’ve written in the sand washed away again. It’s a particularly challenging time for the sports section, as three of our veteran reporters will now be making their way into the wide world beyond the confines of State and Winter Street. Thank you, Jackson, Mary and Ernie for helping me convince the executive staff of my competency time and time again despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. I would weep a thousand Sparks Pools if only I had the time. Let’s go to the news!

Softball has April’s number; they’ve extended their win streak to six, including a Puget Sound sweep and a 13-0 blowout at Pacific. They’ve climbed all the way from seventh to fourth. Playoffs, anyone?

Lacrosse will face Whitworth (whom they just narrowly defeated 12-11) in the NWC semi-finals next Saturday.

Baseball lost back-to-back series to Cal Lutheran and George Fox. They face only No. 1 Whitman before the conference tournament. A sweep will earn them hosting rights.

Whitley Stepp (‘26) jumped 2.25’’ under her PR to tie Erica Snyder (‘26) for fourth in the high jump at the OSU High Performance track and field meet. 

In the world of sport: Arsenal barely clung to title hopes at the North London Derby, titans of the ice battled it out in the Stanley Cup opening rounds and Brazilian soccer legend Marta announced her retirement following the Olympics.

Consider in the coming weeks: Why are Baseball and Softball’s conference finals after Willamette’s academic finals? Also, have a delightful summer, Bearcat Fan! 

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