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  • Skeet Starr, Sports Editor

Fast Break Sports Report March 19

Graphic by Carolyn Vazquez

Hello, Bearcat Fan! Spring crept into campus under the cover of night just in time to lure the next generation of Bearcat athletes into our noble web. Yes, my children, the llama lives here with us year-round. Just one ring of the bell, and you too can be a Bearcat … one of us! Let’s go to the news! 

Baseball charged through five match-ups, winning them all. They now lead the conference by a mile.

Lacrosse’s feeding frenzy was cut short first by Hope (9-15), then the ever-dominant George Fox (11-22). 

Softball was defeated after a grueling 15-inning slugfest against a visiting Pomona-Pitzer (12-13). They were able to exact their revenge in another six innings to send the Sagehens home level (5-3). 

Lavender Bel (‘27), Erica Snyder (‘26) and Steeley Mucken (‘27) won their respective events at the Rich Allen Classic Track and Field meet. 

Golfer Preston Lightle (‘27) made his spring debut at the Willamette Valley Cup, taking second while the ‘Cats surged late to snag third. The women’s squad competed as well, finishing behind every team except for Linfield. Weep before the glory, Wildcat scum. May you and your kin know our wrath and be reborn. 

Men’s Tennis was dashed against the rocks by Pacific (3-6), but Andrew Kabacy (Grad) won the singles. The Pirates dispatched the Women’s crew (2-7). 

In the world of sport: The March Madness bracket is out, the UEFA Champions League quarterfinal has been drawn, Saarbrücken shocked the world again and dudes in floral button-ups have returned to the quad, thus ushering in the liberal arts new year. 

Consider in the coming weeks: Why did the state fund new lights and turf for the Spec Keene Stadium, and alternatively, if your mental capacity and personality changed overnight, would you realize it, or would your mind filter out the past to make the future more palatable?

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