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  • Ernie Samora, Staff Writer

Fast Break Sports Report Nov. 21

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Graphic by Carolyn Vazquez

Joyous day, Bearcat Fan! We interrupt your regularly scheduled Starr content, or “Starrtent” (as the cool kids are saying) to bring you: Ernie “Erndog” Samora’s Bombastic Fast Break Sports Report. Football and volleyball have ended, the darkness has just begun. The cold kisses from the November air usher in winter sports. While the scoreboard did not reflect our spirit and can-do attitude this week, in times like these one must remember the Bearcat mantra: “We know the score, we don’t care! Go Bearcats!” Now, enough dilly-dallying, on to the SPORTS! SPORTS! SPORTS!

Men’s Swim won five events on Friday but floundered against Whitman with an overall score of 76-127. Saturday was a similar scene, with Whitworth swimming away 60-142.

Women’s Swim were defeated by Whitman (72-133), but Alayna Kisiday (‘25) gave them some competition, placing first in the 100-yard freestyle and second in the 200-yard freestyle. The Bearcats were close against Whitworth, but unfortunately lost (95.5-105.5) after Whitworth finished first in the 400-yard relay. 

Men’s Basketball played Greenville in Illinois where they led at halftime before ultimately taking a loss of 120-135. Although they also lost on Saturday against Webster (61-71) in St. Louis, Missouri, the men redeemed themselves when they demolished Westminster College, putting up 109 points to the Griffins’ 74. 

Women’s Basketball played two games in the Ken Schumann Classic, an event hosted by Pacific University. The team struggled against Mary Hardin-Baylor (49-86), then fared better against Chapman, but in the end still took the L (55-71).

It’s a big ol’ sports universe out there: Whitworth beat Chapman in the first round of the Division III NCAA football playoff tournament. The Denver Nuggets lost to the Cavaliers but are currently ranked third in the Western Conference. The Broncos narrowly beat the Vikings 21-20, continuing their four-game win streak. The Las Vegas Raiders lost to the Dolphins. Baseball season is over, but the Oakland Athletics are officially moving to Las Vegas after MLB owners unanimously approved the move. Viva!

Consider in the coming weeks: Ernie-ana Jones and the DP Plaque of Mysterious Mystery. Mashed potatoes galore! You have gotten your rock to the top of the hill. Are you ready to do it again tomorrow? How about the next day? What about the day after that?

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