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  • Priya Thoren, Opinions Editor

Staff Picks: What is your favorite reality TV show?

Graphic by Eli Fukuji

Topic: Favorite reality TV show 

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed are from the individual staff members and do not reflect the perspective of The Collegian as a whole. The submissions are unedited and unaltered from what was submitted by individual staff members.

The Pick: Milf Mansion

Submitted by: Isis Coyle, Media Manager

The Pick: Lizard Lick Towing

Submitted by: Skeet Starr, Sports Editor

The Pick: Wipeout 

Submitted by: Bella Montalvo, Editor-In-Chief

The Pick: Total Drama Island

Submitted by: Caramia Christensen, Artist 

The Pick: Pawn Stars

Submitted by: Anushka Srivastav, Media Editor

The Pick: Jury Duty

Submitted by: Alan Cohen, Staff Writer

The Pick: Great British Bake-Off

Submitted by: Chrissy Ewald, Staff Writer

The Pick: Love Island (the British version) or Survivor

Submitted by: Eleanor Hu, Managing Editor

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