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The Fast Break Sports Report 2/6

Skeet Starr

Sports Editor

Art by Minna Zhou

Hello Bearcat fans! Spring sports have begun and Winter sports are yet to wrap up. There are nine sports to report. There’s no time to chat. Let’s go to the news!

Baseball went 2-1 against Redlands in Redlands over the weekend, including a monstrous two day, 10 inning, 13-12, slugfest win. The Basecats (sorry) will continue their 80’s inspirational sports movie montage this weekend in Claremont, CA against Pomona-Pitzer.

Rumors that the ghost of Lestle J. Sparks could be seen tying Redlands player’s laces together the morning of the incredible victory remain unconfirmed by Collegian staff.

This is not a drill! Men’s and Women’s Swim are heading to the conference championship tournament this week from the 9th to the 12th. Both sides now sit at 7th on their respective tables. Can they produce an 80’s movie victory montage of their own? See for yourself at the King County Aquatic Center in Federal Way, WA.

Field and Track is back. Oh what? “Track” always has to be placed first when listing the two? Get real. Anyway, at George Fox on Sunday, Whitley Step (Fy.) won the high jump, Katherine Thornton (Jr.) took second in the 60m hurdles, Annabelle Smith (Fy.) took second in long jump, Jonas Cherry (Fy.) took third in the 60m hurdles, and Elijah Jones (Fy.) took third in pole vault. The first years are strong here.

Women’s Basketball made short work of Linfield’s squad Tuesday night, but fell to #1 ranked Puget sound on Friday. The mixed results keep them at fourth in the conference, and well positioned for playoff contention. The Bearcats had the Loggers on the ropes heading into the second half (31-21), but ultimately failed to capitalize. The women will play away at Pacific Friday, and home on Saturday against Pacific Lutheran.

Men’s Basketball continues to struggle, falling twice last week, once at home to what team? the Wildcats!And once to the Loggers up north. The men are now 1-11 in the conference. You didn’t hear it here, but if somebody moves a “1” from one side of the stat sheet to the other really quickly the league might miss it. On the bright side, Jack Boydell reached the 1,000 point mark against Linfield. The squad will head to Forest Grove Friday night, and make their home return Saturday night against the Lutes. Never give up! Never surrender!

Bearcat Tennis is off to a rough start, the men falling 1-8 and women 0-9 at Linfield this Sunday. Andrew Kabacy, however, won #1 singles. They hope to even the spring out this Friday against the OSU club.

Softball went 0-2 at home against Eastern Oregon on Friday, including a 0-8 wash. They will press on towards their home games this Saturday against Warner Pacific, and away games this Sunday at Bushnell.

Last but not least, Lacrosse opens their season this Thursday at home against Eastern Oregon. After softball’s result, the game should be anything but reLAXing (again, deepest apologies).

Consider in the coming weeks: What can be done about men’s basketball’s record, and alternatively, what can be done about those Canada geese which have occupied the lawn next to Goudy? gggooooOOOO CATS!

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