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3. Denial of appeal of conduct violation decision

March 24, 2021

Ezekiel (Zeke) Druker


I am writing regarding your request for an appeal of the sanction of conduct probation after the conduct panel found you responsible for harassment against another student. You stated that you are appealing on the grounds listed as part “c” that “the sanction is inappropriate or disproportionate given the details of the case and the student’s prior conduct record.”

I appreciate your thorough and well written appeal letter. It is clear you are committed to issues of justice and the role of ASWU. It is also clear that you disagree with the finding of responsibility, not just the severity of the sanction. However, my role in considering your appeal is not to rehear your case but to ensure that our process was followed and that any sanctions levied were appropriate for the violation. Cases that are referred to a panel hearing are those that have the potential to result in suspension or dismissal, which are the most common sanctions for a finding of harassment. Although the panel did find you responsible for harassment, under the circumstances of this incident, they recommended a much lesser sanction of conduct probation.

As a result of my review, I believe the panel followed our procedures and a fair sanction was given and I am denying your request for an appeal of the sanction to place you on conduct probation.

Zeke, you have demonstrated yourself as someone concerned for students and interested in making positive changes on campus. In the coming years I look forward to supporting you in finding effective leadership strategies and working together in enhancing the student experience and campus community.

Best regards,

Lisa Landreman

Vice President for Student Affairs

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