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  • Lane Shaffer, Staff Writer

Fall Fashion Lookbook: What’s in and what’s out?

Photo by Jason Lehman

The onset of fall brings jackets, boots and more back into the clothing rotation. Sweater weather is a special time of year at Willamette and people have a lot of thoughts about fall fashion. 

Photo by Jason Lehman

Hunter Shinn (‘27) saddled into autumn with an outfit she described as “western-wear.” She paired cowboy boots with a nightgown, scarf, a thrifted Dallas Cowboys jacket and a variety of rings and necklaces. “I went and saw the Barbie movie and had a deep, spiritual connection with Ken because he was really into horses,” Shinn said. Her horse-inspired looks integrate bolo ties, leather jackets and other “cowboy-core” pieces.

Shinn is not a fan of the umbrella stigma that pervades the Pacific Northwest. “Sometimes that rain is coming down. It doesn’t matter if I’m in an entirely waterproof outfit, there’s just no reason I shouldn’t have an umbrella,” she began. “Call me sick, call me crazy. Normalize an umbrella.” If you also love umbrellas and cowboys, she recommends going to Engelberg Antiks for some good finds in Salem.

Photo by Jason Lehman

Ash Scott (‘25) appeared wearing a classic oversized yellow rain jacket, a chic sweater vest, Doc Martens and colorful pants. They are a fan of the big rain jackets that people have been wearing around campus: “The oversized kind of jackets, especially paired with smaller things like this vest. Just as big as they can get.”

Scott made the point that it is far past time for the sandals to go. “I feel like I’ve seen people wearing Birkenstocks or sandals around on rainy days, and that’s kinda nasty right. People need to pull out some boots.” Scott enjoys thrifting for their clothes, especially at Blast Off Vintage.

Photo by Jason Lehman

Not everyone is so supportive of the oversized clothing, though. Sean Macri (‘26) came dressed in Air Forces, pajama pants, a funky lime graphic crewneck and a concert t-shirt. He does not like the “giant rain jackets” that Willamette students have been sporting. “Honestly, I don’t own one, so I might just be jealous. But besides that, I feel like they’re kinda bulky and take up a lot of space.” He does appreciate a good pair of pj’s though and is glad to see people walking around in their cozy clothing.

Photo by Jason Lehman

Emma Rhode (‘26) wore a corset dress, thigh-highs, a thigh strap and some ribbons in her hair. She loves the oversized sweaters that people wear because they “look really cozy and cute.” She recommends either the Salem Center mall or the Reed Opera House for all your clothing needs. 

Photo by Jason Lehman

Rowan Spangler (‘27) was rocking some paint-splattered clothing and a pair of socks from their extensive collection, which had deer on them. Spangler’s clothes carried quite the story with them. Their pants are stolen goods: “My mom’s shitty ex-husband asked me to mend them, and I said ‘sure’ and took them and never gave them back.” Their paint-splattered, tattered sweatshirt is from their mom, who was a “painter lesbian in San Francisco in the ‘90s.” For their thrifting adventures, Spangler also recommends shopping at Blast Off Vintage. “The owner gave me a sweatshirt for free. She was like, ‘I can see into your soul and I can tell that you need this,’” Spangler recounted.

Maybe these looks have inspired you, or maybe you’re tired of the fall weather and are ready for warm sunny days again. Either way, stay warm, stay healthy and stay fashionable! Lastly, as Rhodes said, “Wear whatever you want to wear and don’t be afraid to dress like no one's watching.”

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