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Ice storm takes down Willamette trees, Salem advises residents to stay home

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Jake Procino

News editor

Update added Feb. 13: Paragraph added due to an email update from Willamette.

Trees and branches have collapsed on campus under the added weight from ice. Photo by Rebecca May.

Tree branches litter Willamette's campus as a result of an ice storm that has passed through Salem. Downed branches and trees block walkways around campus and crushed tents meant to cover the waiting line for Goudy. Collapsing branches and trees have also knocked out power across the city, leaving many students living off-campus without heating or internet.

Lisa Landreman, vice president of student affairs and dean of students, sent an email to students saying to [contact] Campus Safety if they have been injured because of the storm or if they are exposed to the elements because the storm damaged their house. She also said that Ford Hall, the University Center and academic buildings are available for studying, and that Goudy Commons is open to all students for dinner and brunch.

Portland General Electric (PGE) spokesperson Elizabeth Lattanner said that power outages will potentially last through the weekend and even a few days after that.

A power outage map can be [viewed] on PGE’s website, and power outages can be reported to:

  • Portland General Electric: 1-800-544-1795 or 503-464-7777

  • Salem Electric: 503-362-3601

  • Pacific Power: 1-877-508-5088.

The City of Salem [reported] that “hundreds of trees are down,” blocking roadways and knocking down power lines across the city. Salem advises residents to “stay home and safe as City crews work to remove these hazards” and to “not approach or touch power lines.”

A map of road closures can be [viewed] on the City of Salem’s website and roadway concerns can be reported to [] or 503-588-6311.

Branches fell and crushed tents covering the waiting area for Goudy Commons. Photos by Rebecca May.

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