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Staff picks: Salem restaurants open during COVID, Feb. 10-17

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Art by Maizy Goerlitz.

Topic: Favorite Restaurants Open During COVID-19

Edited by David Flanagan, Opinions Editor.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed here are the individual staff member’s own, and do not reflect the perspectives of the Collegian staff as a whole, nor the view of the Collegian as an institution.

The Pick: Tony’s Tacos.

Submitted by David Flanagan, Opinions Editor.

When you’re in the mood for some real food, real quick, head to Tony’s Tacos - or have them deliver. Every part of the meal is packed with flavor, from the refried beans to the complimentary salsas. Plus, there’s something for everyone, carnivore to vegetarian. The food is tasty, economical, and hits the spot every time. For bonus points, put the salsa on eggs the next morning!

The Pick: Marco’s Place.

Submitted by Mary Wang, Production Manager.

In walking distance from campus, Marco’s Place provides affordable and solid food. I cannot speak to their other meals because I always stick to the same order: one carne asada burrito with extra salsa on the side. Every time I get a burrito, there is always a good ratio between the meat, beans and rice, which I care about more than I’d like to admit. Best thing about this whole situation is that the burrito is only $5.

The Pick: Lonney’s Lunch Wagon. (located 240 Monmouth St. in Independence, OR)

Submitted by Jake Procino, News Editor.

This Hawaiian-Asian-style food truck is probably the best restaurant in Oregon south of the 45th parallel. Lonney's is a short 20 minute drive west from campus and a tad bit pricy--but holy moly it is worth it. Everything they serve on the daily-rotating menu is money, from katsu chicken covered in spicy mayo and sweet sushi sauce to kalua pork covered in gravy. My personal favorite menu item is their spicy poke, which they offer in bowls or over wanton nachos. My recommendation is to order a big plate, eat half of it for lunch, take an afternoon nap, then wake up and eat the rest for dinner. Check them out on [Instagram]!

The Pick: Epilogue Kitchen and Cocktails

Submitted by: Andrea Griffin, Layout Editor.

Epilogue Kitchen and Cocktails, located on 130 High Street SE, is a restaurant that is known for not only having good food but also for being actively Anti-Racist. They have a diverse menu that includes burgers, fried chicken and waffles, cheesesteak and a number of vegan options. Their website recommends several readings about anti-racism and racism in general for both children and adults. They also offer "community funded" soup for those in need. They actively participate in the community and are committed to Black Lives Matter as a lifestyle and not just a statement. You can follow them on Facebook, or check out their website for more info.

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