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Superb study spots for studious students

Lane Shaffer

Staff Writer

Graphic by Carolyn Vazquez

After the first midterm exams of the year, you may be tired of studying. One way to switch things up and make studying more enjoyable is varying the places where you study. If you’re tired of being holed up in your dorm room, there are a plethora of options across campus where you can pore over readings and notes in a new environment. Additionally, some studies show that changing your study space can improve your ability to recall information later.

Ford Hall

Ford Hall provides an excellent place to study according to Jacob Plax (‘25), especially as it houses the math hearth. He said he usually goes to “the second floor of Ford where there’s white boards, and all the math professors’ offices are right there, so if you have questions you can ask them.”

Plax said there is frequently a good crew of mathematically inclined students who are willing to jump in and help out if you’re feeling stuck. If that’s not enough, he noted that, “At the end of the hall there’s the quad center which is a space where tutors usually are to help people with math, computer science, data science, stuff like that.”

In terms of amenities, there are a variety of comfy chairs, tables and whiteboards for all studying needs. Additionally, empty classrooms are often available for use in the evenings which makes group study sessions easier. On the first floor, there is also the Digital Learning Studio and the Writing Center for any additional support you may need.


A classic study spot for Willamette students, the library offers comfort, reliability and cozy vibes. Clara Boero (‘26) likes to check out a study room on the first floor with a few friends so they can work together and chat where it’s quieter. “People can be loud, and when I’m studying for anatomy I need to be able to focus,” Boero explained. She also appreciates the views from some of the study rooms which add to the ambience.

For students who are looking for total silence, the second floor is also a great option as there is no talking permitted.

Rick’s Cafe

Though the famous Bistro cafe has its place for studious Bearcats, Mashani Coleman (‘26) prefers to venture into the law school and stop by Rick’s Cafe. “I feel really studious, like, going across the street and sitting down with my drink and doing my homework,” Coleman said.

She also likes that flex dollars are honored there, and that they have a punch card so that you can get free drinks every so often. Coleman recommends the iced matcha latte with oat milk.

Chemistry Hearth

On the third floor of the Olin Science Center, the chemistry hearth gives another option for a collaborative study spot that anyone can use, regardless of major. Ana Kaldy (‘27) said, “It’s really quiet, especially on, like, Friday nights or the weekend, so I can get a lot of stuff done. And I can usually find someone to help me out.” She also enjoys the communal food that people sometimes bring for the hearth, “so you can have a little snack sometimes.” There is also a kitchen area and some colorful pens that Kaldy is a big fan of.

Whether you prefer to study in the library, your bed or the law school, don’t forget to take breaks and drink water! With finals around the corner, it’s important to stay healthy and focused and avoid burning out; where you study is only one component of that. Good luck Bearcats!

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