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All athletic competition cancelled until 2021

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Noah Dantes


All Willamette athletic competition has been cancelled until “at least January 1, 2021,” director of intercollegiate athletics Rob Passage said today in an email. The football, soccer and volleyball fall seasons were cancelled on July 22. This latest announcement additionally cancels the tennis, golf and cross country seasons, and the fall games of spring sports, such as basketball and swimming. Passage said that the Northwest Conference (NWC), which Willamette is a member of, is working to create new schedules for all spring sports, accounting for the fact that some seasons may have fewer games than normal. While all fall athletic competition is cancelled, all teams will be allowed to practice and train a limited number of days, following all local, state and federal health guidelines. Passage said in the email that an announcement of these changes will be made by the University later today.

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