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ASWU Senate Candidates Spring 23

Received from Ian Curtis, ASWU Vice President

Compiled by Emma Innes, Editor in Chief

Check your email for how to vote!

Class of 2023

Courtesy of Gabe Jasso

Gabe Jasso

"My name is Gabriel Jasso (He, Him, His), I am from San Francisco California and I am running to be an ASWU Senator for the class of 2023. I find it hard to market myself to people, but I work in the library and love to make small talk. I love cats, dogs, cooking, and nerdy board games. While my opinions on Willamette are nuanced, I love the Willamette community and the people that make this university such a special place, both learning but also community. I have made lifelong friends and priceless memories with my fellow students during my time here. I have seen the trials and tribulations of ASWU during my time at Willamette but have never tried to be a part of the solution. In my last year at Willamette, I want to say that I did something to foster positive change campus-wide, however small. As a representative, I will do my best to represent and advocate for the class of 2023 as an ASWU senator."

Courtesy of Oliver Kushen

Oliver Kushen

My name is Oliver Kushen and I hope to best represent the class of 2023 and address the issues that matter most to the student body. Looking forward to an exciting final semester class of 2023!

Joleigh Miller

Courtesy of Joleigh Miller


My name is Joleigh Miller and I am currently running for the ASWU Senate position for the Class of 2023. I feel qualified and excited for this position due to my broad involvement on campus and the ability to meet and learn from new peers within ASWU. I am primarily interested in running for Senate given my prior experience as a Resident Advisor and members of Willamette athletic teams and the Executive Board for the Exercise and Health Science Department. This position allows me to learn more about Willamette, as well as working to support our student body from a different lens. As a senior who has gone through the differences of Willamette throughout COVID, I am excited to work through plans and opportunities to bring more consistency and comfortability for our student body.

Class of 2024

Courtesy of Autumn Savoye

Autumn Savoye

Howdy! My name is Autumn. I use she/her/hers pronouns and I’m a Junior from Silver Spring, Maryland. I’m an Environmental Science major pursuing a Religious studies minor here at Willamette. In my free time I enjoy reading, watching movies, and baking cookies (especially at the Bistro, where I work)! I have two rabbits back home named Harold and Kumar and they are my pride and joy lol.

As cliche as it sounds I’ve always wanted to help people. I value my close friends and confidants, many of them I have met here at Willamette, and have counted on many of them to help me not only in my time of need but in good times as well. I want to help the greater Willamette community and foster a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere where people can and continue to help their fellow student out not only in trial and tribulation (and midterm szn) but in good times as well, because when we look back on our college experience we won’t remember all the late night crying seshes (or maybe we will) but we will remember the people and the community we create.

Courtesy of Madonna Jonhera

Madonna Jonhera

Hi everyone! I’m Madonna (she/her) and I’d like to become an ASWU representative for the Class of ‘24 this semester. I would like to help increase student engagement with ASWU, and talk to you about what you would like to see happen within the Willamette community. My work on ASWU last semester has included aiding the EDI Committee as Chair, and giving clubs guidance on what to include in each clubs different anti-racism plans. This semester, I would like to continue my work with the EDI Committee, and collaborate with clubs to help increase engagement and awareness on EDI matters. Committee meetings will continue to be open to everybody within the Willamette Community every Tuesday, at 5-6pm, in The Bistro.

I would also like to continue working on the class project, put forward last semester, to bring free stim toys for people to use on campus. In addition to this, I would like to work with other Senators to try and find ways to make communal spaces, like Goudy, more accessible for those who find it too stimulating. I will work closely with all students to hear your views, and to represent the goals and wishes of the student body.

Courtesy of Zeke Druker

Zeke Druker

"If elected, I will continue my work in ASWU of supporting transparency through clear and effective governing documents, promoting justice and equity in student organizations, and rigorously advocating for students' interests to the University administration."

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