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Avoiding Goudy? Alternatives for hungry students

Piper Lehr

Staff writer

Along with everything going on at the current moment, one area of life that incoming students may be unsure about is food options in the Salem area. Incoming students may find themselves wondering what their options are if they don't want to go to Goudy, either because they don't want to risk contact with others or because the dining hall is on the opposite side of campus from the east side dormitories. Avoiding Goudy is not a new experience for returning students, and several were more than happy to share their favorite alternatives.

Junior biochemistry major Devyn Mandala recommended Rick’s Cafe in the law building. Though it seems like an obvious option, many students living on Willamette’s main campus forget that it exists. She also recommended the restaurants Fuji Rice Time, Adam’s Rib Smokehouse and India Palace. Rowan Barton, a junior and a double major in archaeology and classics, recommended the restaurants Birdies Bistro, Wild Pear, Ritter’s Housemade Foods and Tiga Sushi. Additionally, restaurants around the area with appreciable vegetarian options are: The Ram, The Sassy Onion, La Margarita, Fuji Rice Time, India Palace, Bo and Vine and Ritter’s Housemade Foods.

But restaurants are not the only option for students seeking an alternative to Goudy. There are a couple of ways you can make food from the comfort of your own room. “If I’m not looking to walk to downtown, but also don’t want to eat at Goudy, a lot of times I’ll have a frozen meal from Trader Joes or Safeway,” Barton said.

The dormitory kitchen areas do not only exist so that one can make intricate meals every once in a while. Many students make use of the microwave and toaster by stocking up on items like Hot Pockets, Waffles, Uncrustables, TV Dinners and the like.

Besides frozen food, Rowan also said: “on the weekends I like to cook if I have time, so my roommate and I will occasionally get a meal subscription box from something like Sun Basket or Hello Fresh to make together. That’s a lot of fun because it’s a good way to spend time with friends and also add some variety to your diet.”

For students seeking yet another convenient way to make food from the comfort of their own room, some kind of hot water maker is a must have. Whether it's a dual coffee maker, hot water dispenser or a standard kettle, hot water will allow you to make instant products including oatmeal, ramen, tea and hot chocolate. Like frozen food, instant food is efficient and cost-effective.

Finally, be aware that the UberEats app has the residence halls in its database. Typing “Willamette University” as the destination will give the driver directions to the campus in general. Specifically entering “Matthews Hall,” or any other campus building, is a more accurate instruction.

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