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Behind the scenes: Installing land art at Zena Fest

Josie Elicker

Media Content Manager

Josie Elicker was at Zena Fest as a member of the installation art class

Zena Fest is an annual celebration that takes place at Willamette's Zena property each Parents' Weekend. This year's festivities included a contribution from the installation art class, aimed at encouraging visitors to have meaningful interactions with the land around them. The group utilized Zena's variety of plant life to create a scavenger hunt, complete with hidden treasures for eagle-eyed wanderers to find. The installation included a number of "fairy houses" whose locations were marked on maps handed out to passers-by. Remnants from the installation are currently on display in the Student Gallery in the art building.

Setting up a starting place for the installation

Constructing fairies with berry heads, seed pod wings, and skirts made of dried Queen Annes lace flowers

Fairies going on their lunch break

Students making treasures to hide along the way

Discussing possible whereabouts of fairy hideouts

Trying on a gift from a classmate

Searching for materials to create with

Taking a break from fairy hunting to make some fresh cider

Testing out a headband made from braided grass

Joking with classmates

On the hunt for hidden treasures

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