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College Democrats and Student Solidarity Union issue statements regarding College Republicans

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Editor's Note: This is part of larger coverage regarding the Oct. 19 meeting of College Republicans that resulted in their [disaffiliation on Oct. 21], and is being followed by an [ASWU investigation]. These statements were collected on Oct. 24.The Collegian decided to publish these statements as received, without edits or abridgment. Publication is not agreement or endorsement. The statement of College Republicans can be seen here.

Statement from the Willamette College Democrats:

“Willamette College Democrats strongly supports the decision of ASWU to disaffiliate the Willamette College Republicans. Bringing a member of a Southern Poverty Law Center designated hate group to campus was an inflammatory action that should not have occurred. The members of Willamette College Democrats are committed to fostering a safe and equitable environment on campus for all students and we believe that the actions of the College Republicans actively go against these ideals. We hope that ASWU’s actions will help prevent events like this from happening in the future.


Willamette College Democrats Executive Team“

Statement from Willamette Student Solidarity Union:

Logo of the Willamette Student Solidarity Union, courtesy of Zeke Druker.

“Four of us witnessed the anti-queer and antisemitic remarks made by the hate group speaker at this meeting. We are proud of our role in bringing these harmful actions to light and orchestrating the disaffiliation at the organizational and legislative levels. However, we also recognize that disaffiliation is only the first step toward accountability. Three College Republicans officers continue to serve in ASWU. Past antisemitic behavior among officers, including German nationalism and antisemitic generalizations, remains unaddressed. These officers have also perpetuated a toxic anti-equity environment in ASWU through transphobic and offensive remarks. While these officers continue to hold positions of power and trust, a climate of dread that alienates marginalized students from their student government is perpetuated. We have no confidence whatsoever in the competence of the University administration to undertake an effective investigation into these matters. Instead, we call on students to organize to address these issues and to be in solidarity with those harmed by the actions of this group. Our care for each other and the community we build independently of administrators uninterested in our protection will be the most conclusive answers to their indifference.

—The Union Secretariat”

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