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Commentary: Stickers around Salem

Chrissy Ewald

Staff writer

Inspired by the excellent [series] “Seattle Sticker Patrol” by Jasmyne Keimig over at The Stranger in Seattle, I took a loop around downtown Salem looking for ephemeral public art. I’m not saying I endorse stickering downtown, but hey, it’s the public visual discourse of the city and some of the stickers are pretty cool. Note also that we at the Collegian, and I personally, do not necessarily endorse any of the messages or images found in these stickers. I’m just a documentarian!

If you see any fun stickers or (legible) graffiti around Salem you want to get featured in the Collegian, take a picture and send them to me at [ceewald]!

Donut Trash Dove

We’re starting with a fun little innocuous sticker. I think that’s a takeout box in the upper right? Great city-themed decor.

“The Cramps”

I think this is a reference to the classic punk band of the same name—the font matches their logo. However, as far as I know, they didn’t use a uterus on their merch.

“Stay Soft, Refuse 2 Die”

Solid life advice.

“Gay Rights”?

A bright, kaleidoscopic pop of color courtesy of Honolulu-based [artist] Boz Schurr! Just the thing to liven up Salem’s many cloudy days.

Is this a Mario reference or something?

I am pop culture illiterate. Regardless, I have questions about those kangaroo legs.

“NE Neighbors”

Neighborhood pride! downtown?

“Plates Not Hate: Lunch with a side of equality”

We do free advertising here at the Collegian, but only for events that happened six months ago.


Admirable goal. Labeled with “[eyebroc],” which, based on my research, seems to be an artist or collective of some sort based in Portland.

“Proud Salemander”

Better than “Salemite.” Cute design, too.

Alright the rest of these are political, so if that’s not your thing, consider your stickers patrolled!

“Goodbye both sides: Anti Commie Anti Nazi”

This artist is a centrist and proud. They’re also in the overwhelming majority of American voters, so I’m not sure why they felt this was a super necessary political statement, but to each their own!

“Proud Boys F*ck off” and “Patriot Front F*ck off”

“No Justice, No Peace”

A well-rendered portrait of Angela Davis.

“Fascist Free 503” and “No Gentrification”

Ok, these are on a public historical graphic, which I definitely do not approve of. Keep it to the pipes and backs of signs, folks. That said… good messages.

“Locked Out, Gentrified, Criminalized: Business Improvement Districts Destroy Communities”

This gets big points for specificity and actionability.

The Communist “Party”

God I love this. My boy Karl looks like he’s having a great time. Bring on more horrible visual puns!

“Throw Bread on Me”

This is the best sticker I saw all day. Gold star to you, anonymous Salemander.

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