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Photojournalism: Bearcat days

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Salem Keller

Staff Photographer

Correction: This article has been updated to fix incorrect information. The welcome address was held in Rogers Music Hall, not the University Center and students did not have an option for a lunch outside Goudy. Additionally, 400 people total were present, not 400 prospective students.

The cherry blossoms are finally in bloom, just in time for Bearcat Day, after a long cold spring.

Willamette’s tour guides and admissions staff were excited to begin welcoming the accepted students and families at the Rogers Music Center. After the welcome address, families would go on tours to learn more about the campus and school.

It has been a rather rainy spring, and unfortunately, the Bearcat Day good weather luck ran out. It was a humid and cloudy morning, but the accepted students should know what weather to expect!

A sign on the university center welcoming prospective students.

We had so many people on this particular Bearcat Day, around 400, so it's safe to say that the campus was as lively as ever.

Some of the ducks made an appearance in the Mill Stream as tours passed throughout the morning.

Professor Gutterman and his dog, Oreo, made an appearance in Jackson Plaza and joined a tour.

After lunch at Goudy, the prospective students got to experience the amazing Pacific Northwest weather as they headed off to class visits and a career development panel.

In the afternoon, the sun finally came out, and so did Blitz! Willamette’s infamous mascot was heading back to the Putnam University Center to visit the resource fair that showcased a lot of the clubs and student organizations that meet on campus.

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