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Salem Women's Rights March

Melissa Baskin

Staff writer

On Oct. 2 there was a Nationwide march for Women's Rights following the passing of the Texas abortion ban. Below are photos from the march held in Salem.

Woman holds sign reading KEEP YOUR ROSARIES OFF MY OVARIES! She is also wearing a mask and shirt that read don't mess with Roe.

A woman holds three signs saying "No Uterus No Opinion", "Keep your politics + religion out of my uterus!" and "Abortion is a woman's right!"

Two Willamette students hold signs that read "Mind your own Uterus" and "From Poland, Texas, and Argentina, Keep Abortion Legal"

Wide shot of many marching protestors holding signs advocating for reproductive rights.

Protestors hold signs in front of the capitol. The one at the forefront reads: "Reproductive justice. Banning abortions = banning safe abortions!"

Multiple protestors gather, a woman at the front holds a sign saying, "IF I WANTED the Government in my uterus, I'd FUCK a senator!"

(Left) Two older women, one with a walker and one in a wheelchair meet to walk in the Women's Rights March. One wears a sticker across her shirt that reads "We won't go back".

(Below) Woman holds sign in front of Capitol reading "We Need To Talk About The Elephant in the Womb. My Body My Choice"

A woman wearing a shirt that says "My body is not government property" carries a young child on her shoulders. The child holds a sign with a snake in the shape of a uterus, the sign reads "My body, my choice. Keep [you're] politics and religion out of my uterus".

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