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Signs It's Almost a Bearcat Day

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Emma Innes


Graphic by Emma Innes

Happy Prospies everywhere season, Bearcats! Here are the top signs it’s almost a bearcat day

  • The Millstream is now high

  • The rain has stopped and the sun is out, ignore the sound of machinery coming from Waller. It is nothing

  • The ducks start a habit of breaking out into song about their wonderful life on campus

  • Stevie T sends his white windbreaker to be dry cleaned

  • Your friend that works in Admissions is very tired and busy

  • ASWU is told to “act normal and functional”

  • Goudy has the best food you ever ate

  • Administration sends out reminder emails telling students to look happy and fulfilled

  • The squirrels are seen rehearsing choreography for the Disney-esque musical numbers

  • A student who was about to say something negative about Willamette just drops down for a nice little nap on the grass. Don’t worry, admissions will take them to their room.

  • The dorms are magically remodeled- Temporarily

  • Steve Thorsett is more visible than ever

And the biggest sign of all…

  • You see so many faces so bright and full of hope

  • Also so young

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