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Staff Picks: Favorite Horror Movie/Spooky Classic

Compiled by Bella Montalvo

Opinions Editor

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Graphic by Maizy Goerlitz

Topic: Favorite horror movie/spooky film to watch during the fall season!

Disclaimer: The views/opinions expressed are from the individual staff members and do not reflect the perspective of the Collegian Staff, nor the view of the Collegian as a whole. The submissions are unedited/altered from what was submitted by individual staff members.

The Pick: Halloween Town or Corpse Bride

Submitted by: Amaya Latuszek, News Editor

Staff Comment: I’m a big baby when it comes to horror movies so I try to avoid them at all costs. But when spooky season does roll around my favorites to watch are Halloweentown or Corpse Bride.

The Pick: Inland Empire, Monster House, The Descent and Creepshow

Submitted by: Monte Remer, Staff Writer

Staff Comment: I'm really coming into my goth era right now so this stuff is my jam. Scariest and favorite horror movie I've ever seen is Inland Empire (although it's a feminist film about domestic violence and it messes with your head so HEAVY trigger warning). The first Halloween is phenomenal and perfectly captures that *pumpkin spice and spooky* feeling, if you know what I'm talking about. So does the animated movie Monster House. Some underrated gems are The Descent for pure terror, and Creepshow for pure campiness.

The Pick: Shutter Island

Submitted by: Jett Starr, Sports Editor

Staff Comment: I avoid horror movies best I can. Does Shutter Island count? That was a pretty good one.

The Pick: Hocus Pocus

Submitted by: Emma Innes, Editor-in-Chief

Staff Comment: I also avoid horror as much as possible and even more as a kid. But now my favorite Halloween movie is Hocus Pocus.

The Pick: Seven and Twister

Submitted by: Josie Elicker, Media Content Manager

Staff Comment: Any psychological thriller, Seven is really good or if you're looking for one so bad its funny, twister is a classic.

The Pick: Seven, Hush and Identity

Submitted by: Eleanor Hu, Lifestyles Editor

Staff Comment: I second Seven. Hush is also one of my favorites, or for a horror thriller, Identity.

The Pick: Get Out, The Haunting of Bly Manor and The Haunting of Hill House

Submitted by: Maille Olgyay, Artist

Staff Comment: I liked get out a lot. The haunting of Bly manor and the haunting of hill house are also really good. There both horror that shows and there made by the same director and have a lot of the same actors.

The Pick: Nope and Final Destination

Submitted by: Chrissy Ewald, Managing Editor

Staff Comment: I don't watch a lot of horror movies because I'm a weenie, but my roommate is a big fan, so we watch them together sometimes. My favorite recent actual high-quality horror film was Nope. I watched it over three days with my roommate when we both couldn't sleep, and though it didn't really scare me, it captivated me, and I thought it was really well made. I like when movies don't overexplain their mysteries. My favorite trashy horror movie is Final Destination. It is so so bad but it is perfect when you want a laugh.

The Pick: The Haunting of Hill House, The Haunting of Bly Manor, Kingdom, Crimson Peak and Umma

Submitted by: Minna Zhou, Artist

Staff Comment: I second the haunting of hill house and Bly manor. They're short tv show series and extremely good. Kingdom is also a great tv series about zombies. I enjoyed watching crimson peak and more recently watched Umma and thought it was great.

The Pick: Nope, Shutter Island and the Harry Potter series

Submitted by: Priya Thoren, Contributor

Staff Comment: I get spooked pretty easily, but I also somehow enjoyed Nope- and Shutter Island is one of my favorite movies. I'm not sure if this counts as spooky, but I love watching the Harry Potter films during fall!!

The Pick: The Thing, I Watch Over the Garden Wall and Gnaw II: Food of the Gods

Submitted by: Ryan Strobel, Staff Writer

Staff Comment: Favorite horror movie is The Thing. And I watch Over the Garden Wall every October. Funniest horror movie is Gnaw II: Food of the Gods

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