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Staff Picks: Favorite music video

Compiled by Priya Thoren

Opinions Editor

Topic: What is your favorite music video?

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed are from the individual staff members and do not reflect the perspective of The Collegian as a whole. The submissions are unedited and unaltered from what was submitted by individual staff members.

Submitted by: Alan Cohen, Staff Writer

Staff Comment: It's pretty sad but it's original and I love the band.

Submitted by: Chrissy Ewald, Staff Writer

Staff Comment: The animations were done by a team including Aardman Animations (of Wallace and Gromit fame).

Submitted by: Bjorn Domst, Copy Editor

Staff Comment: It starts off like every other Mumford & Sons until you realize that the actors are not the band members, and then devolves into absolute chaos by the end.

Submitted by: Isis Coyle, Media Manager

Staff Comment: An emotional tale of a bluecollar worker just trying to escape the endless cycle of the night shift. He endures the conflicting voice in his head that begs him to stay home-- to stay out of danger, yet the environmental pressures that come from his broken society require him to work in order to survive. Even through the occupational hazards of his physically taxing job, he can only imagine the prize that will come from his efforts. But there will be no reprieve for the blue collar worker, there is only more work to be done.

Submitted by: Monte Remer, Lifestyles Editor

Submitted by: Izzy Cornelison, Staff Writer

Staff Comment: Not only a good song but also a really good representation of the inequality in the world. Also self directed by taylor swift which is very cool :)

Submitted by: Marit Hickey, Staff Writer

Staff Comment: I love anything that has fun with how we perceive gender as a society.

Submitted by: Gia Patel, Staff Writer

Staff Comment: I love Goodbye Earl by The Chicks, purely for sentimental reasons, but also because the song is so incredibly catchy. The lyrics and exaggerated country accent are just the cherry on top to this silly little music video.

Submitted by: Ernie Samora, Staff Writer

Submitted by: Anushka Srivastav, Media Editor

Staff Comment: I absolutely love the animation and creatives used.

Submitted by: Sage Lamott, Staff Writer

Staff Comment: Somebody that I used to know gotye. I love this song and how they made the music video is really interesting, the visuals have this very distinct 2011 vibe.

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