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Staff Picks: Favorite Youtube Channels Sept. 12-17

Topic: Favorite Staff Youtube Channels

Compiled by David Flanagan, Opinions Editor

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed here are the individual staff member’s own, and do not reflect the perspectives of the Collegian staff as a whole, nor the view of the Collegian as an institution. They are unaltered or unedited from what was submitted by the staff members.

Graphic by Maizy Goerlitz

The Pick: fantano / theneedledrop

Submitted by: Piper Lehr, Lifestyles Editor

Staff Comment: Anthony Fantano is a music critic on YouTube. He has two channels. First there’s his main channel, “theneedledrop,” where he does somewhat professional-style album and track reviews. Then there’s his more low-key second channel “fantano,” where he talks about music news.

Anthony Fantano scores records on a scale out of 10 and is known for being brutally honest about his opinions, regardless of how popular they are. So he’s a great resource if you’re looking to get introduced to new material. However, he’s not for the faint of heart, as he will trash your favorite album if he thinks it deserves it.

The Pick: blameitonjorge

Submitted by: Inéz Nieves, Opinions Staff

Staff Comment: My two favorite YouTube channels right now would have to be "blameitonjorge," a Latin American content producer who does deep-dives into ARGs (alternate reality games) and lost media through the ages, and this completely untitled and unnamed music producer whose songs about Japanese urban creepypasta myths went viral after appearing nameless in people's recommendation feeds last year. He uses different VOCALOID synthesizers to create upbeat but on-edge lyrics about disappearances, time loops, and death. All the channel description says is, "Don't cut asphalt tires," in Japanese. You can't find any of his music by searching it: it's all completely nameless, with scant details in the description bar. In the comments, Japanese fans from Nico Nico Douga comment frequently "The Cult of '," as a sign of their adoration for his work. VOCALOID isn't a stranger to weird, dark music, but it's a fun rabbit hole to listen to! Here's a link to his most famous song: My favorite to listen to right now is:

The Pick: Oregon Zoo

Submitted by: Kathleen Forrest, Editor-in-Chief

Staff Comment: There are YouTube channels I binge at 3 am, there are the channels I’ve been following since I was in middle school, and there are channels I have on notification because I am so eager for new content. They cover a lot of topics, a lot of subcultures, and a lot of weird internet rabbit holes. It has critical essayists, comedians, and clickbait. There is only one channel that unequivocally brings me joy… Oregon Zoo. You may know them from, you know, the actual physical zoo, or from such hits as “Tiny Goats Visits River Otters”, “Sea Otter Hoop Dreams”, or “Elephants Smash Giant Pumpkins”. I first came across it in the context of the Oregon Zoo Instagram and Twitter, which offered a very needed interruption to my doom-scrolling. My doom-scrolling hasn’t gone away, but I now actively seek out the cute animal content that my childhood zoo has to offer. Since a core function of the internet is as a repository for cat pics and videos, I give you: a lion playing in wood chips.

The Pick: Marty Music

Submitted by: Anushka Srivastav, Photographer

Staff Comment: My favourite YouTube channel right now is Marty Music. I like learning random guitar songs in my free time! At the moment his tutorials have been very helpful since they are quite simplified and designed in a way that anyone can learn! I feel it is easy to understand. I highly recommend watching a couple of his videos! I recently learned the intro to Dust in the wind by Kansas and it sounded pretty good! He makes tutorials on modern pop to classic pop songs !

The Pick: Abroad in Japan

Submitted by: Noah Dantes, News Contributor

Staff Comment: Want to learn more about Japan? Join Chris Broad, a sarcastic and gloomy Brit, and his Japanese and expat friends on the channel “Abroad in Japan” (yes, it’s a pun). The videos range widely in topic and seriousness: one video explores the impact of the 2011 tsunami on small coastal towns, which was shouted out by the CEO of YouTube herself. Another video is a mini-movie on his close friend and recurring channel guest, Natsuki, whose antics keep you coming back for more. Most recently, Natsuki lended his voice to the best-worst rap you’ll ever hear, “Too Much Volcano” (for this rap’s context, you’ll need to watch the Lost Islands series). Chris’s videos are never repetitive, and often address topics or explore locations not frequently shown on mainstream media. What remains consistent is the incredibly high production quality and excellent camera work. If you’re at all interested in Japan, I’d highly recommend you give his channel a shot.

The Pick: iilluminaughtii

Submitted by: Emma Innes, News Editor

Staff Comment: Were you just approached by someone you know or a random letter in the mail about a job opportunity where you can be your own boss and make lots of money from home? You really should check out iilluminaughtii, a channel that takes a dive into shady business and encourages consumer awareness. From Multi level Mondays looking into pyramid schemes, ponzi schemes, Multi level marketing companies and other types of fraud, to Corporate Casket, where the dark secrets of businesses are exposed. The videos tend to be around half an hour and are good to either watch or have on while doing something else. The videos are well researched, the creator is very transparent with research links, and the topics are captivating. The videos are very informational as well about the importance of consumer awareness and researching a company before working with them.

The Pick: Cody Ko

Submitted by: Quinna Sypher, Business Manager

Staff Comment: At the risk of being less serious than the other submissions, I propose that in 2021 we all need a laugh. Cody Ko has had me laughing my ass off for years now, and he won't stop anytime soon. Any videos with his friend and fellow comedian Noel Miller are going to be absurd and stupid in the best way possible. Watch them ruthlessly make standup material out of some of the Internet's worst content, and get ready to start quoting it with your friends. Their podcast, Tiny Meat Gang, is also hilarious if you're into that kind of thing.

The Pick: Madisyn Brown

Submitted by: Jesse Buck, Managing Editor

Staff Comment: Lately I have been obsessed with Madisyn Brown, who makes mostly social commentary videos with very interesting takes. Many of her videos center around internet culture and surrounding toxicity, talking about concepts of beauty, race, spirituality, and internet fame. She is also an amazing singer and makes videos of her singing as well as talking about music. I think she has a really fresh voice and is not afraid to make her opinions heard. I love commentary channels because I enjoy having something playing in the background, and her voice is incredibly calming. I think she is super underrated and I would definitely recommend checking out her channel!

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