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University seeks to calm concerns amongst first-year students regarding recent COVID-19 cases

Emma Innes

News Editor

Graphic by Maizy Goerlitz

An email regarding when it is necessary to quarantine was sent out to the class of 2025 the evening of Oct. 6 by Ruth Feingold, dean of the college of art and sciences. Feingold explained the situation: “As you likely know, two students tested positive for COVID earlier this week, leading to the identification of many close contacts, especially among the first-year class. These students have now received their test results, and of 50+ student close contacts, only two tested positive.“

According to the email, first-years were deciding to self-quarantine out of concern for the new cases. Feingold asked the students to recognize that CDC guidelines, along with scientific evidence and experience on campus, indicate that this is not necessary. Feingold added, “The university's COVID policies and expectations, which you can find on the [COVID dashboard webpage], are that ‘students who are not ill and who are not in quarantine as directed by a medical professional are expected to be present in the classroom.’” [The COVID-19 dashboard] has what Feingold called “the most recent and accurate information regarding new cases.”

Feingold said that she recognizes how anxiety producing it could be to hear someone is ill “but this seems to be a case where rumors are getting ahead of reality, and causing much higher levels of anxiety than are necessary.” Feingold closed the email saying she hopes all is going well in the Class of 2025’s first term, and encouraged them to reach out with “any concerns or problems”.

Screenshot of the full email sent to Class of 2025

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